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Who’s coming home for Christmas?

#Christmas #HollyTAshley #MissMyKids #YouOnlyThoughtIRuinedYourLife

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Oh this is awesome!


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Lets Talk About Sex Baby!

From Holly’s Book, “What if you Loved your Husband…. Differently.” Definitely the shortest chapter in the book. And the reason is simple. It is God’s plan for a marriage and … Continue reading

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Who is the Pastor of Pump?

David Ashley – As seen by the camera lens of his son, Hunter Ashley

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Heart Aches and Holidays…

I loved it when I heard your voice. As you slipped into bed beside me- in your rambunctious way… Climbing over me to wake me in your “subtle” way… as … Continue reading

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“And they were cut to the heart…”

“And they were cut to the heart…”.

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Submission: Meet your new personal trainer, Jesus.

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Happy Birthday My Love.

Originally posted on Holly T. Ashley:
Today is your birthday – and I did what you asked of me.  I did not call. I did not send a card. I…

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Equal pay for equal work?

Originally posted on See, there's this thing called biology…:
One thing that has really changed in our society is the cultural support for marriage, mothering, and wife-dom. These days…

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Oh This is So Cool!

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