Holly T. Ashley

Oh? Did I type that outloud?

I just wanted a pen…

Well apparently the days of good ole fashioned customer service is gone my friends… not to mention the days of privacy and respect for one another as I noticed last night at about 6pm at the Staples store where an employee was being reprimanded in front of the entire audience of customers, including myself.

Apparently the store manager lady felt the need to let us all know that if she did not “see” him say hello to a customer, he would be let go and to sign this document stating that he “understood the consequences” (emphasis added because she stated it multiple times!

I absolutely stood in amazement, so much so that she looked at me and told the poor employee to check to see if I needed anything first prior to taking his dinner break….

Without taking my eyes off of this little Miss brown-hair 4’9” Hitler in drag….  I said quite loudly and sternly: “No. I’m fine.” But, I could not help stare into her little beady, heartless eyes… wondering, “Why don’t you offer to assist me…. And why didn’t you greet me when I walked in and looked right at you while you were discussing this matter with yet a totally different blonde employee…..” Ugh!

What a mess our society has become! I did not find what I was looking for at Staples (store #0715) so I trekked on over to the internet, where I searched for what I was looking for (Sharpie Calligraphy pens) and found them – at an Office Max located at the Scottsdale Promenade store… (They don’t have their own store website, so no direct link. But here is their address – this happened today at about 2pm)

16259 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
Phone: (480) 998-9290      
Hours: M-F: 8-9, Sat: 9-7, Sun: 10-6

in stock… I made sure before I left the house… But after asking where to find the sharpie pens followed by a long tedious search with my husband in all the places they “could be…” looking with me… I asked the boy at the counter, yet again, for further assistance.

He then asked the manager on duty (over his little radio in the ear device) to watch the front and he looked as well… but to no avail…

So that is where my customer service (or lack there of) story begins as the Customer Service begins to fall (apart) … short yet again –

He asked me to look it up on the internet. (really, I’m standing in a computer-office supply store…) Big smile! 🙂 “Ok.”

After my internet connection could not be established on my tablet and/or my phone…. And my poor little counter boy, who most definitely was a high school senior taking this job as a DECA project, called for back up…

I asked, “Can you please order them for me?”

“Absolutely!”  but his radiant customer service smile quickly vanished, as he radioed in the request…. (Whispering into the radio device…).

“UHHHH, you would have to pay the shipping.”

“No,” I said calmly, “Your website brought me here on the pretense that you had them in stock. I am not paying shipping because your company website is wrong.” (big smile).

He smiled. then…. called for back up…. yet again.

and…. Backup called for … yet again….

Then again – then finally,  the elusive little creature – caught my eye – another short dark-haired female manager (apparently Asst. Store Manager, as I was so corrected by my little DECA/Office Max helper) who when I looked her direction – hiding in the copying center – called me on over with a very perturbed wave of her hand and abruptly asked me for a product number –

I returned with all the sternness of a mother to her defiant child… in addition to trying to recall….. when… exactly… did I start working at Office Max…. ?

“Do you not have internet?!!?” I stated.

“Oh.” She replied, looking down at her computer and suddenly realizing that she had the “power” to look it up herself…. yet confused as to how to look things up…

“Google it! It shows your store’s site….” I was stern, but not ugly.

“Well, I’m not sure that we carry them.” Not looking at me.

“That’s why I am here!”

“Oh. Well, we must be out….” She still has not looked into my eyes….

“I came here because your store’s site says that you had them in stock!!!”

“Oh.” As she runs past me to go check the wall…

I glance at my husband, who is waiting so patiently…

So then upon her return,  I said, “can’t you just order it for me, I’ll give you my number and you can call me when it gets in.” (big smile… to her shoulder, because she still refuses to look at me…)

“You will have to pay shipping.”


“Okay. Thank you.”  She said… to my feet….

I had to turn and simply walk away – Seriously. Is this what we have come to? Is this what we are teaching our children? Is this how we want others to treat us? No. If my children ever acted like that at work – (Both have customer service jobs, mind you…) – I would be outraged!

There are those stupid people in my life, like my step mother, and others who never do anything but complain about everything and end with… “but…. what are you going to do.” (aaahhhhh, hand on forehead, heavy sigh…)

Well I’ll tell ya – I’m going to blog about it, then I am going to find out their competition and send them a copy with my links to my blog, my Facebook, Twitter and my other sites – along with options for people – for instance, those of you looking for a Sharpie Caligraphy pen – you can find them here: Amazon or Betty Mills or perhaps: Office Saver all available online. And of course, I’m going to get this right on over to Sharpie, to let them know that apparently I need to be made more aware of their item numbers… (I mean, really!)

The same goes for restaurants, retail clothing outlets etc.

I’m so sick of rude people! There is no reason for it – if you do not like your job, quit. There are so many people out of work – surely we can find someone who wants to bring back customer service to service oriented jobs! Especially when we are paying a fortune for the products they sell! Not to mention the high tax $$ we are spending! Honestly! I’m done with it! Are you with me???!!!!

Can you imagine… if they treat us like this, how do they treat their families? Are these people breeding? Oh now that is a very scary thought!

Holly T. Ashley



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