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Submissive Obedience

Submissive Obedience

The words: “submissive,” “obedient.” Can make a grown woman cry… but the scriptures are very forthcoming, even naming the woman a “weaker vessel” calling husbands to stand strong in the Lord and to lead with spiritual guidance and direction.

What it is not is a call to be passive – That would be unbiblical as well. Proverbs 31 describes the nature of a woman’s attributes being that of provider, conqueror, nurturing, loving, blessed and kind. To be a woman her man can be “proud” of.

Obedience and submission are also a guide line…. Stiff instructions to follow- prior to marriage or any committed relationship- if he is not “worthy” of your obedience- if he does not follow the laws of Christ in your dating life, he will not follow the guidance and direction of Christ in your married life either.

In beginning any workout- we must stay focused on the end result- is it going to accomplish what

we set out to do? Just putting on our work out clothing and stepping into a gym does not achieve a rock-hard body- neither does dating a non-Christian man, result in a Christ

-centered marriage. No matter how many times you meet up in church- if his heart does not belong to Christ you will not get the results you desire.

Hiring a personal trainer who’s heart is not committed to you and your goals, is the same principal – he will not have your best interest at heart if he is not committed first to your health- if he has not educated himself in the essence of health.

A God-fearing man must first walk in the light of Christ – He must study the scriptures and know God’s truth- if not, he can not apply it to his life – and if he can not apply it to his life, then he can not lead you in yours.

submissive wife

Submission in a marriage gives us the protection and freedom we need as women, to be the women of virtue we want to be. The “weaker vessel” was demonstrated in Eve and our nature hasn’t changed, we tend to follow where we are led – lost sheep, with a nature that longs to nurture, love, and protect – we must be very careful as to what it is that we are loving, nurturing and protecting- and to make sure that it is holy and that we will receive the blessings of the end-result we so desire.

Again the analogy of personal training, group fitness requires obedience – submission to a trainer who has been schooled in fitness and nutrition, who is able to help guide you and direct you to your goals- because the end result will be not just satisfaction to you- but a blessing to him- knowing that you are happy with your results and that he helped you obtain them. It’s a win-win; and it is a great example of life.

Knowing that trainer has been educated, that he is prepared to lead gives peace to be obedient to his commands, you know that even though it is painful, you will not die and the end result will be well-worth the hard work – you will become healthy- and that is what Christ desires for us- to be Spiritually healthy in order to achieve His purpose for our lives, we must have the strength and endurance to not just run the race- but to win.

Gradually, we loose the weight, we build the muscle, we learn to trust and then our “roles” as women become easier- we are free to simply love – and to be loved. We find protection in knowing that this well trained, continually educated trainer loves us and only wants the best for us, and the results are undeniable – that’s the blessing that God promises to women in scripture as well.

So therefore, we have to be careful who we chose- because we will be obedient and submissive- it is our nature, we will travel down the path looking for security, freedom and protection- but if we choose the wrong “trainer” we will not get the results we are looking for, only frustration which will lead to anger, bitterness (obesity, heart troubles, stroke).

Therefore we must do our do-diligence and be the women that God has called us to be – studying and applying the Word to our lives and in our search for the love of our life realize what we are looking for- and discern truth. Only then will we achieve God’s very best results and be able to serve Him as true women of virtue

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