Holly T. Ashley

Oh? Did I type that outloud?

Scottsdale Health Care – Pioneering Obama Care

Well – David and I finally got our first taste of Obama Care –
I went in for issues with my hormones, David for another issue- they ran labs – HOWEVER did NOT run labs for my hormones and will not write a script for David, but are requiring him to come into the office for WEEKLY visits – Really? At $35 a pop… I think not… as for me and my raging hormones, I was refered to a specialist $35… and labs? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO they want my records from the Dr. who removed my tumor 15 YEARS AGO! I think not!
What a freaking joke! RX
Wake up AMERICA! This is the work of Obama care – and this is how it works… The Dr.s are given “X” amount of $$ to treat you – if you are young and otherwise healthy – your presenting issues will get swept under the rug so that the Dr. makes more money:
Here’s how it works:

The problem with Obamacare’s bundled payments initiative
Scott Gottlieb | April 18, 2012, 3:32 pm
(the American Enterprise Institute)

The Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) just issued guidance laying out the parameters on the Obama Administration’s new bundled payments initiative.

Bundled payment arrangements are a signature feature of the payment reforms included in Obamacare. The concept is that doctors will get a lump sum of money for taking care of patients with certain conditions such as cancer or heart failure. It will then be up to the doctors to decide how the money gets spent. If doctors end up using more resources to care for patients, there will be less money left over for the physician.

The idea is to put the financial risk on doctors and give them an economic incentive to economize on their use of resources. It’s a form of capitation—an old concept that was widely used by HMOs in the 1990s to bring down healthcare spending. The scheme works, but proved unpopular with patients who didn’t want their doctors to have a veiled economic incentive to ration care. A backlash against capitation eventually led to the introduction of the “Patients Bill of Rights” in 2001.

The biggest flaw in the Obama approach to bundling is that the administration is lumping the doctors’ services along with the cost of the technology that physicians use to treat patients and paying for both in the same “bundled” payment. That means that if a physician chooses to use newer but pricier drugs to treat a cancer, for example, then the cost of the medicines will come out of the doctors’ bottom line.


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