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University of Phoenix Is a Scam ? — AIDINGSTUDENT RELIEF

So… After thirty years… yes – 30 YEARS…. of Domestic Violence advocacy, policy, speaking, writing, pro-filing, expert witnessing, counseling… The powers that be have determined that I need a Master’s degree in something (anything mind you) so that I can obtain a license to do what I have been doing… if I want to get paid that is….

So, fine. I’ll go back to school I need to finish what I’ve started anyway – but the problem is that the institution that holds the majority of my credits has ONCE AGAIN changed their “programming” so that I can’t just transfer – I really have no choice but to go to that school… Which is the University of Phoenix where I have attended on again and off again for fourteen YES 14-YEARS…

don’t judge me, I was working! (counseling mostly in institutions, shelters, hospitals… all those places that won’t hire me now…)


The University of Phoenix, where I have attended off and on for the past 14 years – is now stating that I cannot attend my first class without paying for it out-of-pocket – unless I show THIRTY years of documentation from the time of my high school graduation until now.

Not only is this ludicrous due to the fact that I have previously been a student from 2001 until 2005 – But because of the fact that in 2010 after my re-enrollment to the University of Phoenix, they “REQUIRED” me to pay not only my first class, but also an “enrollment fee” … I said no.

So in 2013, I re-enrolled again…. Only to receive an email a week prior to class stating that I would have to pay for the initial classes until the financial aid disbursement went through.

And now… here we are again, a week prior to classes starting and the University of Phoenix wants me to pay out-of-pocket in order to begin my class on October 27th.

The University of Phoenix has made a habit out of collecting fees and extra monies – so much so that they have over 780 complaints against them listed on a consumer affairs site and also recently settled a “dispute” in the amount of $78.5 million dollars for fraud.


In 2009, the company did agree to pay a $67.5 million settlement to the federal government and another $11 million in legal fees after former employees filed a suit alleging that the company tied recruiter pay to the number of students recruited or enrolled, a violation of federal law. Under the terms of the settlement the company admitted no wrongdoing. “Apollo Group is committed to rigorous regulatory and compliance systems to serve and protect the academic innovations for which we are known,” Gregory Cappelli, then co-chief executive officer of Apollo Group, said in a statement issued by the company. Cappelli, who is now the company’s sole CEO, made more than $25 million in 2011.Attorneys general in Massachusetts and Florida continue to investigate the company, according to Apollo’s most recent quarterly report to the Securities and Exchange Commission. And in March, the company received a subpoena from the Education Department’s Office of the Inspector General related to a range of activities including “marketing, recruitment, enrollment, financial aid processing, fraud prevention, student retention, personnel training, attendance, academic grading and other matters,” according to the same quarterly report.

Source: University of Phoenix Is a Scam — AIDINGSTUDENT RELIEF


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