Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

What a Wonderful day That was, 28 Years ago, When I was 28.

September 25, 1993.

Just like yesterday. I remember this day so well. It was indeed a wonderful day!

I was 28 years old.

I had a dream about the baby “girl” that I was carrying and was excited to finally have her arriving.

She was so good to me for those nine, long months – through a very hot Arizona summer. She never woke me in the middle of the night, she remained still, never bruising my ribs through constant moving and kicking, like her older brother.

No, she preferred to be curled up in a little ball – no one could even see her if they were behind me. She was so comfortable to be nuzzled upfront and center, in the heart of my belly, where she seemed to sleep for most of the day… and night, for that matter.

But now summer was ending and I knew the time was drawing near.

I could feel it. I just knew.

Mommas always know.

I had called my mom and asked her to fly in from California because I just knew that my baby was coming soon.

And just like that, she was on the next available flight out of Cali. … But she wasn’t going to be landing for a few more hours.

Mommas always know their baby’s heart.

I don’t know why I got up so early that morning, but I was wide awake as I sat contemplating the materials I would use for my sewing project later that morning with Grandma Willie. We were putting the finishing touches on a bassinet that I had made for my soon-to-be new arrival.

I didn’t feel very good though… I remember thinking, “Today???? Are you really coming today? We were just on the stair master yesterday? You never moved an inch…. But today, eh…”

Sitting at the counter in Gram’s kitchen, I looked at the clock.

10:00 am.  

Mom’s plane should be landing any moment now.

Gram must have sensed something.

“Are you okay honey? Can I make you something?” Gram asked me as she stroked my hair.

Grandmas know their babies.

“No…. I’m not hungry… Gram, I want to wait for mom, but I don’t think we can…

I think we need to go to the hospital… now.”

As I slid into the velour-covered driver’s seat of gram’s car, I had to laugh, “Should I really be driving? … I hope my water doesn’t break…”

We called the airport to find out if my mother’s plane had landed, and it had – So we paged her. She was standing, in what was a very, very, long line, to pick up her rental car when she heard her name over the airport intercom.

She immediately knew.

When she picked up the phone, she cried: “The line is so long! … I’m trying to get to you honey! … “

“It’s okay, don’t cry. I’m sure you have time.”

She cried some more and then I started to cry… It was a mess!

But it all worked out. Some guy at the front of the line overheard her and gave her his spot so that she could get on the road – to which, she was so shook up, I was afraid she would end up on a gurney next to me…

But she made it.

Just in time too.

The nurse had come in and was blowing out one vain after another trying to put in the IV line.

From the back of the room, a stern, but quiet voice said, “You’ve got one more shot, then you’re done.”

It only took the nurse one-quick glance at my mother’s face to realize she was indeed D.O.N.E.

She practically ran through the wall as to not pass by my mother, who was standing next to the door…

Momma’s will always protect their babies.

When my doctor arrived, my little baby was sleeping away – no real movement …

Of course, the epidural had kicked in, so we were both pretty happy at that moment.

He started wheeling in all kinds of surgical tables and instruments and I said, “Nope!”

“You had a prior C-Section,” he tried to explain.

“Yes… But that was different. My old ob/gyn didn’t listen to me, and he almost killed him – You’re not going to do that this time!”

I glanced at my mother…

The Dr. glanced at my mother…

And just like that… Out it went.

He asked if I was excited for a boy or a girl?

I knew she was going to be the little girl I (literally) dreamed of only a few weeks before. But I didn’t want to spoil it for anyone else, so I just smiled and said something cheezy… “anything healthy is fine…”

And at God’s appointed time… There she was.

The baby girl of my dreams.

Just like God showed me.

Beautiful skin, pretty hair, big-beautiful eyes… and that sweet, sweet smile.  

She didn’t cry.

She didn’t even whimper.

When they gave her to me, she smiled. They gave me a lot of reasons why “that” [smile] happened – but it continued. Even after we got home –

Whether it was the 9am feeding or the 1am feeding – I wasn’t awakened by cries – but sweet little noises. And when she saw my face, I was greeted with a smile from my beautiful blue-eyed, little girl.

What a wonderful memory that was, 28 years ago today.

When I was 28.


One comment on “What a Wonderful day That was, 28 Years ago, When I was 28.

  1. God Still Speaks
    September 25, 2021

    All I can say is, WOW!

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