Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Desert Schools Federal CU

For those of us who have worked our freaking tails off not to get sunk in this financial fiasco that we call the US Economy… Here’s how Desert Schools Credit Union Paid back just one of their loyal contributors – after 30 years of service to them….


Just some consumer awareness I am so tired of people being held accounable for other people’s wrongful acts! Its not this consumer’s fault that Desert Schools lost their butts in the banking scandal! they also got bailed out! What the heck! 
Thinking about opening a Desert Schools Federal C.U. Account…
Maybe you should think again….

Dear those of you thinking of opening an account….

We recently applied for a car loan through Desert Schools, where we have had an account for thirty (30) years. We maintain an extremly high daily balance (not bragging, we have to- we own a business) and we have a credit score of over 700.  We’ve worked VERY HARD!

Desert Schools Credit Union denied us a loan – for the amount of money we have in our accounts and for a car – totally secured loan… but that is not the point…. Read on, MacBeth….

Why? Because we have a bankruptcy on our record from 5 (almost) Six years ago – and NO late, missed or delinquencies reported since that date….

Furthermore – at the time of the Bankruptcy, the ONLY payment we did NOT file on, was our car loan from Desert Schools, we kept and maintained that and paid it off, in full, early…

But WAIT… THERE’S MORE… We also participated  in their “Personal Shoppers” program where we filled out over 20 surveys of their bank, employees, etc. after making deposits (we make about 2-3 per week, on average). They were to pay us $5 per survey – we received two checks for $5 each ! After contacting the survey company, I received an email stating that they only received 2 surveys…. Sweet! Good thing I made copies!

We won’t even talk about their horrible online banking system and the number of times we have been locked out! Or their failure to refinance one of our vehicle loans….  Just overall rotten experience and no customer appreciation for loyalty whatsoever.

Just to let you all know, in case you were considering opening an account with Desert Schools Credit Union… DON’T.

We obtained a loan from another institution at the glorious rate of 5%.

Regards and happy banking!

A Very, VERY unsatisifed (soon to be former) Desert Schools Customer

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