Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Desert Schools CU Take 2…

So… After my review of the practices of Desert Schools Credit Union, I received several phone calls from the VP asking what they could do… so we stayed with them – only to get let down again! at the tune of $140 because they have an inept online banking system and we are punished for it!

imagesSo if you are thinking about opening an account with Desert Schools – STOP!!

Most recently we were charged $140 for overdraft fees due to a transfer that never went through (not the first time… but this time I was avoiding the AZ summer temperatures in California and didn’t catch it!) When I went to the bank to get the fees reversed, the fact that we have 27 years of excellent history didn’t apply (as usual), the fact that their online banking system has a delay didn’t matter, the fact that I was out of town and didn’t “catch” it didn’t matter (the fact that I shouldn’t HAVE to “catch” their mistake didn’t matter)…  and the manager stated that it was “out of good faith” that he would remove ONE fee! Really! Out of good faith?

Let me tell you about good faith…

It’s out of good faith that we kept the Desert Schools Account open!! That we bought in to the “Mrs. Ashley, we are so sorry, what can we do to make this right…” blah, blah, blah!

Ok… coupled with the other issues we have had in the past – not to mention our issue with the new fees attached to our son’s account… (he lives in the Dominican Republic – and he HAS to use his debit 3 times per month or pay a $5 monthly fee…. so much for saving money… now we are teaching him to spend ?!$#!!) We are officially done and would like to let every know that Desert Schools really needs to step it up or get out of the banking game because they are no longer what they used to be!

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