Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Rest In Peace

Rest in peace. Once a profound phrase of old, these words have been made stale and meaningless, thrown around rather liberally and carelessly for many years, as a passing reaction to a passing, a token verbal gesture when a life is lost. The idea of a final peaceful rest was born out of the idea that life was hard. Life was a constant, daily series of unending stresses with no break or vacation. The grind would grind you into the ground eventually, where maybe finally you could catch a break. My perspective on these solemn words is not so bleak. I see this expression as a rally cry… As a call to action. “TO LIVE IS CHRIST, TO DIE IS GAIN…”

In this life we have moments….moments to learn what is right, so you can do what is right, because it is right.  To go “ALL IN”…Learn God’s Word, to do God’s Will, for God’s Glory. We should live life loud and on the edge. Live in dynamic shades and savory flavors. Live to be brash and bold and unique and distinct….A true Christ follower, one that is in this world not of this world. Live not to make our mark but to leave the mark which has been freely given to you by Jesus, that mark is “Grace” and with Grace comes “Love.” Never live passive or grow old gracefully, but instead to rage, rage against the dying of the light because we as Christian are called to let our Light shine before men, so go light it up. When I get to that point where I become room temperature, there will be no Resting In Peace, no resting at all,  but dancing in joy because I will be in the presence of God Almighty…now that’s a celebration.

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