Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Beauty to live by!

Gloria McGuire Stakemiller is one of my dearest friends. Since the age of 15 I have known Gloria is the answer to my beauty needs. I am not a Mary Kay Representative, however I did try it once – but determined that I was a consumer not a seller and I was best fit to meet the needs of this wonderful company by writing them a check!

However, Gloria McGuire Stakemiller is the epitome of personal and professional excellence – She is not just  a top-ranked Mary Kay Executive, but in her life for as long as I have known her, Gloria is a true Woman of virtue.

Gloria says that how old we are is our business…. how young we LOOK is hers! So, as I add the Mary Kay “Time Wise Miracle Set” to my Christmas stocking list…. I hope you will join me in pampering yourself this Christmas! 

Please check out Gloria’s page here and beware – I understand she has a playroom at her house specifically designed for women to come over and explore all the new cosmetics and skin care that she has available! 

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