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Free Attorneys: Godsends or Too Good to Be True?

Free Attorneys: Godsends or Too Good to Be True?When it comes to domestic violence cases, it’s a little of both February 13, 2017 By domesticshelters.org Suspected criminals have access to … Continue reading

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7 Women of the Bible That Will Make You Love God’s Grace | Pew Theology

7 Women of the Bible That Will Make You Love God’s Grace January 20, 2017 by Edmond Sanganyado 4 Comments If you read the Book of Genesis you probably met … Continue reading

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Who are you calling misogynistic?

Today I watch as hundreds of thousands of women march for “rights” they believe are going to be taken away from a “misogynistic” President. The women interviewed talked about their … Continue reading

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The Answer To Everything…

Beautifully said, by a beautiful woman of God… Jesus, Jesus Christ is the answer to everything. Just read the instruction manual, He explains everything. But I wanted to speak to … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence in Affluent Marriages 

Opening up about domestic violence, either to the police or one’s friends and family, is often difficult and frightening for many survivors. Many feel a sense of guilt and shame, … Continue reading

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Fact Check

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But I Know What I Couldn’t Say.

As a pastor, one of the hardest things to do is perform a funeral, especially for a family member. So as I sit here and wonder, if I was asked to perform this funeral, what would I say? What could I say? It would probably be different if I didn’t know the person who had past, but I did, I knew her. What would I say? What could I say?

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In defense of myself- I got noth’n. But in defense of the Gospel, I will sacrifice everything.

I am often asked how to forgive – especially the unforgivable… People who have been devastatingly hurt tell me they just can’t forgive. My response is the same for everyone … Continue reading

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 EVERYONE KNOWS SOMEONE WHO NEEDS US. Over 12,000 Victims were turned away from services last year. Help us help them. Donate Here. We are a Christ-Centered Domestic Violence Services Agency that … Continue reading

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Turkey Tabata Fundraiser

If you haven’t registered, you can do so here! So – the ticket purchasing thing isn’t exactly working – so please let us know the number of people you are bringing … Continue reading

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