Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Redemption for all…

I was raped when I was between 6 and 7 years old by the next door neighbors at my grandmother’s house. There were the boy and his sister and a couple of their friends. They had set up a tent in the back yard and were playing there when it caught my attention.

I had gone over to play with them – Terri 14 and his sister Linda a couple years younger, all the time. They were never good kids. They stole things and lied to their mom and dad and now looking back, there were probably more things going on in that house that I really don’t want to know.

But that day they called me into the back yard where Terri and Linda and their friends had made this tent and showed me what they were doing inside the tent. One of the boys, their friend, asked if I wanted to go inside the tent with him and before I knew it Terri had my arms and Linda had my legs and they were holding me down inside the tent while their “friend” went about his business…. Then they laughed and I ran home.

I never told anyone that story because a year or so before that I had told my mother of my grandfather’s inappropriate touching (molestation). Her response to that was that I shouldn’t put myself in that position and went on to one-up me with some stories of her own where my grandfather had made sexual advances towards her too… So in my little girl mind I knew I had done it again and I would be in trouble again.

When I was about 18 or 19 I went on a trip with my girlfriend to a very popular hangout for kids of that age where there is a lake, water skiing, dancing and a lot of people over spring break. We met a couple of boys on the dance floor who wanted to buy us breakfast the following morning and we agreed. As we said our goodnights, we told them our room number of our hotel and that we would see them the next morning.

Somewhere around 2am my friend and I were awakened and she was dragged out of the room and I was repeated raped until I kneed him so hard he about lost consciousness and I got loose and tried to find my friend. Apparently, the night staff-security at this spring-break hotel was quite lacking in integrity and when the boys (the same ones we were dancing with) told the security guard that they lost their key, he let them in.

My friend and I were obviously very shaken the following morning, our friendship ended abruptly. And when reported to the hotel we were dismissed as if it never happened.

When I was approximately 19-20 I had called the police after an altercation with an old high school friend that had followed me back to my house (I never gave him the location! It was very scary!) The police came and after a “thorough” investigation of the incident I had a Polaroid picture taken and was reprimanded and warned about “false” reporting.

I say all of this, not to get anyone’s pity – by no means! I say this as a lead in to what I am about to tell you and that I have all authority to say what I am about to say, because I have been there, done that, read the book and am currently writing a new one – but most importantly, I have been given authority by my Creator.

Women like Jody Arias needs to be stoned, shot- just to hurt her and make her suffer long and hard,  or at the very least – someone seriously needs to smack her upside the head. I am so very, very livid over this entire ordeal… I know…you couldn’t tell…

They have even called in Domestic Violence experts – I was a Domestic Violence/Family Violence Counselor … actually I still am…  certified and on the “expert witness list” for AZ… or I was – no one called me though… Because I would have looked her dead in her cold, black eyes leading to her cold, black heart and told her what I think of her and women like her that abuse the system and cry “Abuse” and “Rape” for no other reason than to defend their own ignorance and in this case her overwhelming stupidity.

But she wasn’t the first – NOOOOOOOOOOOOO She has learned this behavior from those who have come before her… You know, the ones who peek out the sides of their covered heads as they seek a peek at the hungry, obviously poor and desperate media hounds as they walk into the courtroom to explain why even though she was wearing a sheer baby-doll nighty and it was 2am when she willingly went to his hotel room after their 5 minute exchange at the hotel bar… Oh, did I mention he was a multi-million dollar celebrity… yeah..well.. a responsible person would have said “NO” at the bar.  But she’ll explain it on the Today Show when she unveils her head and makes the talk show circuit… And – These responsible journalist will allow it! Really!

Much like the “Anita Hill’s” Oh come on… Tell me you remember! Who cry out discrimination because after she failed to achieve her goal of seducing by way of stalking her former boss and current disappointing Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas- he fired her! Awe… Poor baby! Seriously!?! Yes, now she’s on the speaking circuit talking about her ordeal – and she’s an attorney! What a disgrace!Anita Hill

But the worst is the idiot girl who is going to be dead because of her own lack of judgment (ooops! We’re not to judge now are we… oh wait, that’s another blog)…

 For those of you who say “Amen” to Dr. Suess quotes or quote Websters to answer a Biblical question… geez, did I offend you?  

 You know the ones who go on a date from a miscellaneous website with someone they never have laid eyes on before and get into the man’s car or go to his home or be alone with the stranger and want to sue the match-making site because he raped her, or attempted to rape her… Really?!

We live in an age of no responsibility- and for those of us who are responsible individuals, we must pay for the sins of the sisters of our past (and present). We make heroes out of serial killers; give them fancy names so that they can top each other in the next generation, and flash their ugly mugs on the news so much that our kids think they are a new “Anchor” on the evening news…Yet, real victims feel they must hide their heads and bow in shame at the humility they are about to face as they defend themselves in court or to their own families. And it is all because of the legacy of lies left before them and the fact that we allow it!

We are a free Country (well, for now anyway…) We need to take advantage of our voices and our Christian authority – That’s right, I said AUTHORITY – You know the God-Given kind!

 “Jesus Christ our Lord, through whom we have received grace and APOSTLESHIP … “

 Hang on! Here’s the kicker:

 “To bring about the obedience of faith for the sake of His name among all the nations…”

Romans 1:4-5

Yes, we are called to call people out! Especially the believer – but also all of those who think  they are believers in this crazy god-forsaken world we live in. That includes homosexuality, fornication, lying, cheating, stealing, blah, blah, blah…. For HIS glory! He didn’t suffer and die for nothing! He didn’t take the weight of sin on his unrecognizable blood-stained, badly beaten, flesh torn to pieces back … So that you to be tolerant! 

By the way – for those of you who do not know –

Beating of JesusJesus was beaten so badly that he was beyond recognition.

It is for His glory – not ours. He has given us the power and the authority and most importantly the command to do so. The Great Commission… anyone…? Anyone at all…? All nations is NOT just India and Africa…

Here’s my message: be a hero. If you are a victim of Rape, incest, molestation, abuse, etc. Pull up your “Big Girl Panties” and find a way to get the hell out! And if you are a mother who willing leaves her child in the care of a known pedophile – God have mercy on your soul…

Quit blaming and shaming! There is no one left to blame, they should be gone you’re your life now. There is nothing to shame – You are not responsible for the idiots in your life or the authority that was over you at the time (if you were young).

There are too many programs to help you. I know because I designed some of them, while I worked for the Governor’s Office for Women, back when beating the hell out of you wife was legal.

And then you need to claim the power that is in Christ to have a “Sound Mind” and quit being a victim – work towards victory! Don’t cover your head, Do NOT be ashamed, the stupid people in your life who have let you down will get theirs in the end! God promises that.

For those Jodi’s out there – God help you… because if you or anyone like you ever crosses my path, I will show you my authority through Christ and I will call you out! For the sake of His glory and the protection of victims everywhere!

We need to take those of crime, call them by other names, as a matter of fact let’s just call them all “Dick” nothing glorifying and never, ever post their picture to the general public. There is no reason for that. What we need to do is go back to our 15 minute newscast.. you remember, where we got the news and not all the crap!

 “Peace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,” Romans 1:4-7 ESV

Think I’m over the top? I am so sorry that you are not! You will be held accountable – and the Coach of your favorite football/sports team or craft class will not be the one judging you…

 Holly T. Ashley

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