Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Hell – Oh.

Yeah – they are going to hell.

I have a habit of saying what is on my mind. Mostly because I have lived a life not being able to do so and once I broke those chains… well, all Hell broke loose and I was able to finally speak.

Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer and those like her are going to send people to hell! Yep. There you go.lion and lamb

“But they have their purpose” I have been told. “They are good motivational speakers…” “They got my head off the pillow…”

But do they really have a purpose? No. The more I thought about my friend’s statement, I thought “NO.” No! they do NOT – if anyone causes someone away from the Kingdom and the TRUTH of the Gospel – they are NOT GOOD! In fact, the Bible says they are EVIL!

People who listen to this “feel-good” watered down gospel of crap – stay there! They don’t want to move into the “meat” of the Gospel of Christ to the reality of their own depravity! And so, NO!! They are not good for anything!

Especially NOT good for the Kingdom and therefore as Christians – those who are concerned about the Kingdom and our calling to the Great Commission – you should agree and take a stand and get them and those like them OFF their “stands.”

I am also not a big Beth Moore fan – I can’t tolerate Kay Arthur – both of them get my blood boiling with their liberal “sing-song” view of a sissy-Jesus who “just wants to love everybody…” No……. the Bible specifically states that He made some for destruction – and if you read your Bible carefully it’s a narrow gate (“It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle then a rich man to go to Heaven…” ) Only a FEW are going to heaven – just so you know.

And it won’t be those who are “doing the best they can…” That’s crap.

God calls the shots. He is God. He chooses who lives, who dies, who goes to Heaven and who goes to Hell. He determines when it’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen – and it doesn’t matter what you “believe.” It is truth.

Because He is God.

So why do I care?

Because of so many years keeping my mouth shut, going on about my life, pretending like it was all going to be “okay.” Doing what I wanted to do, with whom I wanted to do it, how I wanted to do it…

And since I was a sinner without a cause, I didn’t have anything to say to anyone about anything – and now… here I am… 47 years old and realizing that I’ve been living a lie, watching everyone I once held dear drift off to Hell….

And knowing that I am going to have to stand before my Lord and answer for my silence… my behavior… my life.

I’m done with foolish pride. Arrogance and selfrighteous behavior – that leads others from the Gospel. I am done with the foolish arrogance of a country that needs the Gospel – and that country is my country – USA – we have not just forgotten our roots – we have more importantly forgotten our God.

He does not hear the prayers of the unrighteous – He ONLY hears the prayers of His own – so looking at this mess we’ve gotten ourselves into… well it is simply the writing on the wall – stand for something or fall for anything – and we have fallen.

As Christians, we’ve allowed it. What a shame. What a sham.

We should be motivated by Christ’s promise of redemption, freedom and grace and mercy – not freaking Joel Osteen.

Women like Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore, Kay Arthur are not Pastors – that goes against all scripture! Not to mention what they preach and teach is more of a poster sermon directed at “Women’s Rights” then at our true calling – it’s a disgrace!

No more will I tell you that taking aspirin for your deadly disease will heal you – it won’t. Christ is your only salvation – because without Him – you are nothing but a worthless pile of filly rags the Bible refers to as menstrual rags – good for absolutely nothing. Without Jesus you are as good as dead. Without Jesus you are born into sin and will die a miserable death and there is NOTHING that you can do about it.

But Jesus thought you were worth dying for – but just believing that isn’t enough – you have to LIVE IT.

Once truth is revealed – you will either cringe like the morning light after your eyes open from the darkness or you will be enlightened.

I come to you with sword drawn, plan to be offended. Or join me on the battle ground.

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