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Oh did I type that outloud?

Dean Saxton – a piece of advice: If you see me coming…. RUN!

Dean Saxton, you are a moron and a complete, utter disgrace to men everywhere!
This is NOT ok.

Fox News Clip- Dean Saxton

ASU Idiot preacher

As some of you may or may not know my husband is a “Street Preacher” an evangelist on the streets – maybe you have seen us down on Mill Avenue, close to ASU – we (not me.. or any other woman…) but one of the men are usually standing on a “soap box” with a church or a well respected group of men and women who take pride in the Bible and what it says… It is a clear message of repentance & salvation by grace.

Dean Saxton is a complete and utter disgrace to the Christian “Church” just know that – that is not who we are, that is not what Christ is about.

Now, let’s talk about this subject of Rape.

Before you read any further – you need to know that all the points I have listed are from personal observation and experience:

You also need to know that as a former rape victim – and I say that out loud so that you COMPLETELY understand where I am coming from – Rape is NOT ok – but there are some things you can do to prevent becoming one of the 80%.
Here are some things you need to know that you don’t really think about:

Does anyone “deserve” rape?
Only a FREAKING IDIOT WOULD ASK THAT!! The answer of course is NO – with a swift, HARD slap upside the head of the fool asking that question!

However – with that being said – Show some respect for yourselves ladies/girls…. (And I use that term loosely at this point…)
1.    Respect yourself
2.    Hang with friends who respect themselves
3.   Only go out with people who respect you

That right there will take care of it

But…. In my case – it was a date-rape – I knew better, within the first hour that this guy was a buffoon – and worse, I was out of town with a “friend” who had absolutely no respect for me or herself – I wanted to be “cool” so I played the tramp… and paid for it dearly!
So… If you are like me, and you’re a little slow where the self-worth area is concerned, here are some guides (Just do it!):


  1.  Quit dressing like a hooker (my father(s) didn’t care for me much either – but I can guarantee you I had more clothes on than you when I went out the door… or I didn’t go out the door!

I was going to insert a picture here … but… yeah – I couldn’t find one that was “G” enough to use an example… so just look around – you’ll see what I mean….

And when it came to my daughter – if she walked out the door in something I see some of these girls wearing today – she didn’t go out for a week, and when she did “go out” it was a “come in” my house so I could do an evaluation of the “friends” she was hanging with!

Just the thought of her disrespecting herself… this precious gift that God “knitted together in my womb” how could she think that, that, is all she had to offer someone….

There are more clothes on most “girls” little rat-dogs then they have on themselves… as a matter of fact – I suppose they could shop at the same stores in some instances….

And here is some more words of wisdom:

People do not give away what they value.

I know there is very little value in what women think of themselves these days…

It is evident by the way they are dressed.

Well, I know you still are thinking/contemplating…


So, let me help you out a little more:

  1. Stop getting drunk with a bunch of punks who have no respect for you
  2. Don’t go to some guy’s room and expect just to “talk” – that’s just ludicrous!
  3. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you are alone with anyone! 2/3 of ALL REPORTED assaults are with someone you know.

No means no – but it’s heard a lot louder when your girlfriends are shouting/screaming at the top of their lungs and at the SOB along with fighting him off of you!

That is when the stiletto heels come in handy. Maim that sucker! 90% of offenders will NOT see one single day in jail. So… Make a “lasting impression,” chances are you will see him again – make sure he does NOT forget you or what he has done – and if you’re really good, he’ll have scars he will have to explain later – or you can do it for him… Every phone has a camera – take a picture! Social Media Rocks – Post the picture!

Just say’n… kick’n some ideas around… you know…


But you had better make damn sure that you know what you are up against – its a rough road, offenders/victims, today’s “choice” attire, society as a whole… and those women who cry “rape” and it is no where near rape – I HATE those women! and I am not alone –

So, beware – morals & values, society, dress and your “friends” are all taken into consideration and open to scrutiny –

Sooooooooooooo – don’t  you want to be SURE that you have done everything in your power to insure your integrity AND your reputation… not to mention the TRUTH. Because I promise you, “There is nothing covered that will not be revealed.” (all the Gospels quote this same Psalm).

Final words of wisdom:

  1. Quit screwing around!
  2. Don’t be stupid.
  3. Quit being stupid
  4. Quit hanging with stupid.

Look, here’s the deal – God thinks more of you than you do. He calls you a blessing – formed by His own hands (Gen. 2) because this planet could NOT function without you!


You can be casual and classy at the same time!

You are a precious gift to behold and even though AMERICA is KILLING babies by droves…. God thinks LIFE is important enough to acknowledge every single hair on your head. (Psalms and Proverbs).

So what are you doing with that knowledge?

Don’t waste the gift you are – the promise you have in Christ. “He has plans for you… to give you a hope and a future…” (Jeremiah)
It is time to grow up and become the Lady you were called to be. (Proverbs 31).

Raise the bar – Give “Classy” a chance.


This modern chick told her “man” she was worth all of his attention or none of it… That got his attention and got her the palace.



4/8/2014 all rights reserved.

8 comments on “Dean Saxton – a piece of advice: If you see me coming…. RUN!

  1. Holly T. Ashley
    April 8, 2014

    Reblogged this on Holly T. Ashley.

  2. jimfoo88
    May 19, 2014

    I think you might have misinterpreted Dean’s speech. He says that a woman who dress and ACTS provocatively deserved to be raped. Dress alone is not sufficient. There can be really good girls dressing sexy, they don’t deserve to be raped. But on the other hand if these girls are bitchy femi nazi sluts that plan to take over man’s dominating position in the world, they might deserved to be raped for using sex as a tool to gain unfair advantage over men. The threat of getting raped sometimes is a good counter balance for preventing femi nazis agenda for gender equality.

    • Holly T. Ashley
      May 20, 2014

      Well now… that one tops the bar for stupidity.

    • David Ashley
      May 20, 2014

      Jimfoo88. No she didn’t misinterpret anything, she nailed it with truth. The thing is you on the other hand deserve to be castrated as a way to insure that you can’t reproduce and have more morons with your DNA walking this planet. You sir, are an embarrassment to the male gender and to human beings all together.

      • jimfoo88
        May 20, 2014

        No mister, you are the embarrassment to men. Just to let you know, you can say anything about me, but I am still going to support Brother Dean because he is on the path of the righteous.

    • Holly T. Ashley
      July 7, 2014

      Wow. You’re a moron.

    • T.M.
      August 23, 2014

      So if a man is walking around in a tank top it is okay for some other man to stick his penis in tank-top-wearing man’s butt hole, right? Because the guy wearing a tank top is asking for it, RIGHT?! K, seems fair – I hope all rapist see this and act on it so YOU yourself may one day be raped, from these wishes to god’s ears =)

  3. Holly T. Ashley
    August 23, 2014

    Well, I don’t think we would wish rape on anyone.

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