Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Hey Jesus… do you remember that Passover…. ?

Holly T. Ashley

 Just a man and Jesus… reminiscing one day….

Hey… Remember that one Passover Jesus?

Jesus: “Yeah… the great Exodus…”

No. Not that one… That was totally cool and everything – but it just irritated me that all those signs and wonders, locust and sickness… they still didn’t believe! Then the wilderness, the fake gods… geeze! I mean really!

Jesus: “Yeah… it happens…”

The Passover that I meant was the one that happened, after you came here on earth… you remember…

Jesus: “…? I was here for 33 years… that’s a lot of Passovers, dude.”

When you were on the other side of the Sea of Galilee – you remember….

Jesus: “The Sea of Tiberius?”

Yeah! When that huge crowd was following you! They were crazy in love with all the signs and wonders you were doing! Healing all those sick people. That was nuts! Great! But wow! What a crowd!

Jesus: “Oh…

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