Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Popular Priorities

There are 13,600 animal shelters across the United States – Hurt

There are 316 Million people across America –

1 out of 2 (158 million) will be a victim of some form of sexual assault –

Yet 97% of offenders will ever see the inside of a jail cell.[2]

(Thank your local ACLU, NAACP and other “civil” liberty groups).

But we have 13, 600 animal shelters.

There are 1,500 domestic violence shelters across the US.[1]

We will have 1.3 Million women victims of domestic assault this year.

9,500 victims of domestic abuse will be turned away. [3]

But we have 13,600 animal shelters. And no animal will ever be turned away.

Domestic violence victims can only stay in a shelter on average for 30 days.

We chose to sustain the live of 6 million animals that go into shelters each year. NOT counting those in private homes or rescues.

It costs  $1,580 to keep ONE average sized animal in a shelter for a year.  [4] ( That’s $6 Million per year).

child and a snakeBut we will kill 1.2 million children per year at the hands of: 580 surgical clinics, 178 abortion pill clinics, 822 abortionists across America.[5]

We will not euthanize the 3,088 inmates on death row that cost America $85,600 per inmate per year… [6] (and the ACLU will try their best to make sure none of them are euthanize).

But we will butcher, break, rip apart 1.2 million children this year.

But hey… we have 13,600 animal shelters.

We celebrate the pope and his traditions of men – ignoring the Holiness of Jesus Christ – who calls all of those who are of the “Elect” those who are Disciples of Christ, Saints.

So where are you Saints?

For those of you totally and completely offended. I hope you are. That means you are convicted. Those who don’t bat an eye or care – those are the evil ones I hate. They have no conscious. I hope to offend. I hope I piss you off royally.

Those “Luke warm” Christians God will spit you out of His holy mouth. Those of you who are tolerant and say nothing – those are who I am speaking of.martin luther.mary

God of love – Yes. Yes he is. My father loves me and all of His disciples – but those who oppose Him… those who go against His Holy word and that of His Holy Son – He says, “deserve to die.” And He will come to destroy.

The Bible does not ever- not ever- say to greet this WORLD with a holy kiss – Nor does it ever say to be tolerant and loving towards sin.

Jesus called out sinners every day, every moment of every day.

He called out the “Religious” like we should call out those who, like the pope, are leading people astray!

Where are you church?

Where is your voice!

Stand up and be heard!






[5] Operation Rescue

[6] Lane.org (I took the cheapest average – the cost in NY is $168,000 per inmate, per year).

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