Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Would Holy and Reverent please return to the building…. You are desperately needed.

Holly and David Ashley were banned from the North Phoenix Baptist Church “80’s” page after responding to discussions regarding this post… mind you someone else posted it – How’s that for making my point!

Would Holy and Reverent please return to the building…. You are desperately needed..

3 comments on “Would Holy and Reverent please return to the building…. You are desperately needed.

  1. Brandon Moser
    May 19, 2014

    Yes, I don’t agree with that “ban”…. The purpose of the page is to reminisce, which I understand. But your blog was in the spirit of reminiscing. As you know, I respectfully challenged some thoughts in your blog, but that’s what the church SHOULD be doing. The church should challenge each other and not be afraid to address the issues to ensure that we are on the right path. Just wearing a smile and censoring people does nothing for anyone. Sorry you were banned.

    • Holly T. Ashley
      May 19, 2014

      I am not sad at all Brandon, but thank you so much! And I agree that the facebook PAGE is about the 80’s and the fun posts, etc. However, we were having a discussion in a totally seperate area of the page that NO ONE could see unless they joined the discussion –

      So the ban was because of the problem that I exposed in my blog and when my husband supported me and preached his short sermon- My brother decided to join in… with his “LOL” comment… We’re praying for the salvation of my family – and I think Michael got scared –

      But you CAN’T DO THAT! Michael chose the “comfort” of the world’s feelings over a discussion about the call of Jesus on the live of Christians and you have to let Jesus work in the lives of people! We have to open the lines of communication…

      But that is point of this blog and our ministry- to open the hearts and minds of those who are of the called and to shred their will in order that God’s will, will be done – with reverence and holiness – to expose the light of the Savior onto their sin, so that their knees are bloodied in that they have fallen to them- so hard and so fast to repent… That is our mission. We do not apologize for it.

      My brother’s “lol” comment is reflective of a lot of people that call themselves “christians” (lower case intended) – Like having the glory of playing football – but in reality they are only the waterboy… they don the uniform, they are with the team during the games… but they don’t read the play book and the Coach does not know them by name, they sit on the bench and never- NEVER get in the game.

      Jesus is coming and time is short… there are a lot of those “waterboys” and girls who will indeed be left behind.

    • Holly T. Ashley
      June 5, 2014

      This has to be the epitome of an idiot… Mr. Moser, who, “[doesn’t] agree with the ban,” has banned me from his debate on facebook. So much for “challenging” one another Mr. Moser –
      After he vehemently opposed my response – he then blocked me from any rebuttle.
      Now that’s a real man.
      With his panties in a wad, that is…

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