Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Tonight the American people of Virginia spoke!

David Brat

In an unprecedented victory, Eric Cantor lost not only the GOP Virginia primary, but his seat as House majority leader. According to Fox news Cantor is the first sitting House majority leader to ever lose a primary to a little known, not backed by even the national tea party… tea party seminary grad, Professor of Economics… Mr. Dave Brat.

Not to be confused with Arizona’s own Mayor, Mr. Dave Pratt, ya’ll!

Will little more than $200,000 against the GOP’s 5.5 Million… Mr. Seminary grad Brat, won the seat with nothing more than good ole’ fashioned morals.

Hu… Imagine that.

In an interview with Megan Kelley, Talk Radio host/author, Ann Coulter who is also a huge supporter of Dave Brat, stated that she felt amnesty is what is being served by the American voters. And “Republicans have got to put their foot down or it will be the end of the Republican Party.”

With a record high of an estimated 90,000 illegals crossing the border – this is the hot ticket item for Republicans. Most Americans are against amnesty as a matter of fact, a recent Rassmussen poll states that only 18% of Americans think that illegal aliens should be given immediate amnesty. 62% believe that legalization should occur only after the border is secure.

This girl thinks we boar them all on a bus, while securing our border and send them home to live with grandma and the folks.

However… I am just one voter… so…. Maybe I should get on some kinda talk radio show…. Hmmm…

Dave Pratt?

“Going forward,” Ms. Coulter states that she hopes Republicans will wake up. “This is a big issue. This is the reason for American inequality… Americans would like a moratorium on Amnesty and they will vote against it – including blue collar white workers and African Americans.”

Laura Ingram has also been a big influence on the Brat win in Virginia – she sounded in via radio –  stating that she spoke to many of the 623 people who gathered on Eric Cantor’s country club lawn last week, stating that they were “sick and tired of the ‘business as usual’ politics of Washington as well as the overall representation.

Ms. Ingram went on to state that “This is a massive wake up call to the Republican Party… if they chose to actually wake up at this point… this is not to be discounted.”

Dave Brat is no  – nobody folks…

This 49 year old married, father of two… is an Economics professor at a small liberal arts school north of Richmond and is serious about knowledge as power.

According to a joint effort article by Fox News and the Associate press: Brat received his doctorate from American University, his master’s from Princeton Theological Seminary and his bachelor’s from Hope College. In addition to teaching, he has served on the state Joint Advisory Board of Economists and served as the president of the Virginia Association of Economists.

Holly T. Ashley

Oh, Did I type that out loud?



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