Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Superbowl 2015


This week the players and fans will prepare for the greatest game of the year…

The stands will be filled and the people will fill them with their painted faces and team attire.

Yes, this next Sunday, we will all sit with our friends, some old, some new…. It might be that we have paid $3000 for a ticket… or we have joined some friends for $1 tacos and a $3 beer….download

But none- the less, we’ll be there! We will make the sacrifice…. And we will don our best- for their best – to show them just how much we support them.

Wearing our favorite jersey of our favorite team, we will eat food that has been prepared to represent miniature footballs, goal posts or scrimmage lines, even little players with tiny little designed helmets. ..

We will drink fabulously prepared drinks that have been specially designed to represent “team colors,” or that simply represent the “flavor” of the game – usually in a jello shot – judging by Pinterest….

We will sit quietly for pre-game commentaries and post-play analysis.  Listening intently, agreeing or disagreeing based on the statistics we have studied… because we like our teams…

Some will excuse bad behavior, poor sportsmanship and overlook everything from legal issues to bad coaching…

We will hang flags on our doors, in our yards and on our cars. We will make banners for our teams to make sure the world knows who we are rooting for…

Who we love…

Who we sudownload (2)pport…

Who we represent.

Others will yell at bad plays and even worse calls. We will cheer at great plays and touchdowns, field goals and even great commercials. We will high-five, wave and even dance…

Some strong defenders of the game will demand that referees make good, solid calls and that everyone is held to the same standard of play…. and to the rules of the game.

If it is too hot, we will fan ourselves with our “team” electric fan/mister – if it is too cold, we will wrap ourselves in our team-colored blanket.

There will be no doubt to anyone, anywhere what side we are on or who our favorite player is.

By the end of the game, we will have made new friends, laughed and cried and even gotten angry. We will walk away and talk about the plays, the players, the injuries and the triumphs…

Featured Image -- 1051“God loves me just the way I am….”  “I worship at home…” “Don’t judge me….”

God loved the world- so much so that He sent His Son, His only Son to be beaten so badly that his face was unrecognizable – yes, He loved the world so much that for 12 straight hours, chards of glass and sharp bone were slammed full-force into His back that the skin ripped was shredded off his body – to the point of his bones being seen by onlookers – so badly that before they started this torture they tied Him to a stake in the ground so that he couldn’t move or fall to the ground, but that His body would remain in a position as to be able to be totally consumed in total submission to their whips, punches, spit and brutality…. Only to then hang on a cross- normally this type of death would have taken at least three days, and the guards would have broken legs to hasten the process…. but because of the brutality of the beating, the body of Jesus could withstand no more and with that His heart burst and he died.

It’s not about how much Jesus loves you….

It’s about how much you love Him.

And if you loved him- You would worship Him, represent Him and be held accountable to His standards.

“His banner over me is love.”

OH… it’s not about how much God loves you. It never has been.

Don’t fool yourself.

It’s about how much YOU… LOVE…. HIM.

So, excuse me when I tell you…. I’ve heard what you say… I’ve seen how you are… and I know, by the evidence of your life…

You are simply, full of crap.

I have heard so many lame excuses- as a matter of fact, I lived with the biggest excuse for a human being encased in a shell of a man’s form I called my spouse… for 17 years…

He could quote scripture better than Satan… all while getting high, drunk and sleeping with hookers…

But, boy he’d be dressed up in his little collared shirt, combed over little boy regular, all ready for Sunday service….

Every… Single…. Sunday…

And everyone in the church knew it. But no one ever dare “judge” him….


Almost makes you wanna skip church altogether….

But that would be even worse.

Some of you have taken that example of hypocrisy (or one of your own) and said, “See! That’s why I don’t go to church!”

But when we have deflated balls, cheating coaches, rape-indicted players… You still root for your team – as a matter of fact, you never miss a game….

I’d say that is pretty darn pathetic.

Since when does the behavior of human beings refute… or in this case “deflate” God’s Holy Word?

The Bible Demands that we go to church! (Hebrews 10:25).

So go find your stadium, uhm…. Church!

Jesus could care less about how many hypocrites are in the church and how much the “church” has wronged you… He suffered an un-imaginable, brutal death for you. And here in America- our freaking amazing military and their families have sacrificed so much even to the point of death for your freedom to worship  – as well!

Yeah, he loves you – but you are NOT allowed to stay in the gutter/or just put on your uniform and sit in the stands.lion and lamb

You are not allowed to re-write the scripture/change the rules.

You are not allowed to chose one scripture and deny the rest exist.

And you can “believe” anything you want- but it doesn’t change Truth.

So as a Christian, on one who says they are- you are held to the standards set forth by the team you play on… that is Jesus’ team.

You are to wear His colors. Play by His rules. All 66 books of them, with over 55,000 historical documentation to back them up, not to mention the archaeological discoveries and the obvious miracles you see every single day.

His death on the cross demands your life on earth – and if you call yourself a Christian, that means you!

Those “luke-warm” Christians who parade in their “Love God, Love people” mentality…

Those who put on their Sunday best “uniform” but are no better than a stadium/arm-chair quarterback… or the water-boy –

1eKMuZ.AuSt.156Guaranteed, you probably need to understand this:

To God, and by His words: you are nothing more than the gross, stomach aching bile you will puke up after too many scrimmage-line jello shots during the game….  (Revelation 3:16).

But by all means…. Continue to tell me how much you “worship” at home….



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