Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

WHY GOD?! Why Indeed.

The news reporter declared:  “Dylann Roof… 21… hated blacks…”

President Obummer wants to you to believe that this is a gun issue – yep there was a gun involved- not a legally obtained gun… but yep – there was gun.

We have a President that believes this is a gun control issue – He’s a moron. We know that. But as a Christian – again – if you are waiting for God to “take care of business” let me warn you – He ALREADY has.

He made YOU.

You have failed.

God has commanded YOU to be responsible. You are not.

50% of professing Christian are NOT even registered to vote and out of the 50% who are – only 50% of them actually vote –

So before you cry out to the God Almighty and even dare to ask, “Why God?”

I would take a deep, deep look at you, your life and if you are fulfilling your responsibility as a Christian. Then hit your knees in utter repentance.

And before you scream gun control – I would strongly guard against coming into an Arizona church waiving a firearm – We’ll have 15 on you before you get one round off.

The NAACP is “outraged” (as if they ever acknowledged any other emotion) over the fact that the gunman was there to “shoot black people.” Which he was.

He was a racist punk, no doubt about that – but let’s be very careful not to give the coward what he most desired… a race war.

And before you email me with your fake email, or copy and post this on your “site” hoping I won’t find it… Let me inform you; I am not labeling “ALL” or anyone for that matter “Mentally ill”- if he, this white kid from the south, went in and pistol-whipped, beat up, looted, stole, painted the building with his “sign” I would indeed label him – and it would be “THUG.”

First and foremost, my heart goes out to the families of the nine people who suffered at the hands of this idiot – But more so at the Nation that is allowing this to happen, over and over and over and over….

We will not serve these families the justice they deserve if we do not start to focus on the root of this issue –

And that is not shaking our fists at God and asking “WHY!!?”

Well, first of all, because He IS – you don’t have that right – But then there is that pesky issue of the fact that He’s already beat you to it –

“Why! Why would you let a repeat offender out on the streets so he can walk into a church and kill people?”

“Columbia Police Department. Local reports have said he was arrested at least once on drug charges. NPR has published the incident reports from the February and April arrests, which took place at the Columbiana mall in Columbia, South Carolina.”[1]

“WHY! Would you, IDIOT DAD, (South Carolina, Construction owner, Ben Roof) allow a defiant, rebellious, disrespectful, entitled brat for a child to drop out of school in the 9th grade?”

WHY! Would you, IDIOT DAD, Give your troubled, uneducated, pill-popping/anti-depressant taking, unstable child a GUN for a present?

“A man identifying himself as Roof’s uncle, Carson Cowles, 56, told Reuters that Roof’s father had recently given him a .45-caliber handgun as a birthday present.”[2]

In an article written for CBS News an Uncle, Carson Cowles reached out to his sister in regards to her son – stating that he was worried about the 19 year old. Cowles went on to say that Roof spent a lot of time in isolation in his room and did not so much as even have his Driver’s License let alone a job.

He said he tried to “mentor” his nephew, but was rejected and eventually drifted apart, Cowles stated.

Even Cowles went on to state that “If it is him, and when they catch him, he’s got to pay for this.”

He is correct. Too bad his sister (Amelia “Amy” Roof), the mother doesn’t feel the same remorse:

“A woman who answered the cellphone of the suspect’s mother Amelia Roof, also known as Amy, declined to comment on Thursday morning…. We will be doing no interviews ever,” she said, before hanging up.[3]

I really have no words for her… Well I do… but – another day.

It just should have never come to this.

What is wrong with this country?! That it would allow complete, utter morons to raise children? This problem is deeper than the race issue – that’s just a by-product of his upbringing. This problem is deeper than an uneducated red-neck from the Carolinas that again is a by-product of his upbringing. This isn’t a gun-control issue Barak… Any idiot can get a gun – you might want to check out the issue of illegal guns… but then again, it might cost you a few friends.

No, this is an issue with our Nation’s MEN, but that’s not an issue our President would know anything about either….

So, I’m prompted to ask: Where ARE YOU men?

You are leaders, ordained by God, to whom you will answer and right now, you are leading your kids Straight. To. Hell.

So – unless we get a grip on this now – There will be a lot more to come – because Mr. Roof isn’t the first “mentally ill” loser to have a family or nation who robbed him of his responsibility to… well… TAKE responsibility…

There was the 2 time arrested, kicked out of college, alcoholic, psychotropic-drug taking, Jerod Loughner, who was behind the gun in the Arizona mass murder that included a beautiful sweet little 9 year old girl – alongside a local politician and  17 other innocent bystanders.

Even the Columbine murders prompted a study on the effects of the psychotropic/anti-depressants that Eric Harris (the shooter) was taking. And even though there was proof of the volatile side effects of taking these drug…

Well, the drug companies won.

And thanks to Barack’s medical plan… they’ll continue to win- especially since they are financing it… but again… that’s politics right… we don’t talk about politics…

Since the deregulation of mental health care facilities this boy, as are so many in our country, are miss-diagnosed, or like so many behavioral issues, are simply put on psychotropic drugs.

I can personally tell you from working in a number of mental health hospitals and state-funded residential facilities, the moment clients/patients walk through the door, their first appointment is the pharmacy. And I am here to testify that these good-for-nothing medications cause more harm than good.

But NOTHING and I mean NOTHING beats good, solid, consistent GODLY parenting.

Without God – you remember Him… the one you are shaking your fist at right now…. If we were to follow His guidelines… Oh there would still be stupid – we just wouldn’t allow it to walk our streets, or medicate it into delusion – but without Him, we have no moral compass.

So WHERE ARE YOU Mr. Root? Mr. Sperm-icide donor  – Father of this idiot?! Where are you hiding? You can’t hide from God.

You might be able to hide/run (deserter) from the media. You might be able to hide from the families that your son killed (coward) – God forbid you would be MAN enough to offer up your condolences for being such a lousy excuse of a father and offering up some form of repentance –

NO… because you’re not a man. You are the epitome of pathetic.

The personification of the male society we are raising.

Shame on you and shame on all of you men who don’t rise up and get a handle on your responsibility as a FATHER.

Again, my heart breaks for the families who are going to miss their sweet loved ones – But we have the Hope of Jesus! These God loving – God fearing people know that their loved ones have gone home to get a reward that far exceeds our greatest expectations and no matter how much we miss their presence, their encouragement, their example, their love and compassion – Remember, they don’t miss us one bit.






[1] Eliza Grey. Time.com

[2] Ibid.

[3] http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/dylann-roof-what-we-know-about-the-charleston-s-c-shooting-suspect-1.3118834

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