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CandLiberals Over Same-Sex Marriage On The View – Chicks on the Rightace “DJ Tanner” Cameron Bure DESTROYS

Candace “DJ Tanner” Cameron Bure DESTROYS Liberals Over Same-Sex Marriage On The View
Written by  Miss CJ
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When I was a kid, I LOOOOOOOVED “Full House.” And my absolute favorite character was DJ Tanner, played by Candace Cameron (DJ was the oldest in her family, I’m the oldest in my family; she had little sisters, I have little sisters; we were both were super-good students in school – though it took me a lot longer to get a boyfriend than it did her. Eh, it’s TV… what do you do?).

After “Full House” ended, I lost track of Candace’s career as I got older, but then a few years ago I stumbled across her Twitter feed and found out she’s a conservative Christian and she’s married with a bunch of adorable little kids and she routinely speaks out about her faith and she was still acting! In fact, there’s going to be a Netflix-original “Full House” spin-off with Candace reprising her role as DJ as a widowed mother and I’m super-excited for it – cheesy ’90s nostalgia and everything!

Today, Candace was on The View to talk about same-sex marriage, specifically the case out of Oregon with the owners of the Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery being fined $135,000 because they refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding. And, honestly, I think Candace did a phenomenal job (considering she was on The View and they’re super-hostile to conservative Christians’ viewpoints). And I can’t help but LAUGH at Raven-Symone’s reaction when Candace doesn’t back down after Raven basically accuses her of being a bigot –

The best part? (that the clip nearly cut off and I’m kind of annoyed by that, but whatever). Candace did say that she thinks that people can disagree and still be civil toward one another, which seems to be a foreign concept to these View ladies. Overall, Candace had the facts, she stated them clearly and she didn’t back down, even when everybody else was coming after her for it.

I was a fan of Candace Cameron Bure before – but my respect for her just totally skyrocketed.

via Candace “DJ Tanner” Cameron Bure DESTROYS Liberals Over Same-Sex Marriage On The View – Chicks on the Right.

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