Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Megyn Kelly- “Stop it. Stop it. Stop it!” Women are NOT Victims!

Megyn Kelly took the opportunity to point out what a douche bag Donald Trump is on the stage of the Republican Primary a few nights ago…

Like we didn’t know he is a jerk with a mouth that has no filter…

But what caught my attention… and… after stewing on it all night…. about sent me through the ceiling around 2 am the following morning… was the fact that she… Megyn Kelly… My news anchor #girlcrush…  actually victimized women.

Apparently Trump has made some comments about women that are below standards for human decency…

I know! Shocker right….

Well on the Apprentice one night… in the board room…  the Don displayed  his true colors – probably to boost ratings… but more than likely because he is an ass…. he stated something about a woman… should be… something like that … on her knees – my immediate response to that was, If Donald Trump (or anyone else for that matter) ever had the audacity to say that to me, he’d be lucky if he had knees…. or he’d be for sure walking on them… after such a remark.

The other remarks he made, I don’t know, Rosie Odonell is indeed a piece of work…

What I do know is this – If you want respect, then respect yourself.

The fact that today’s women want so badly to be respected by men yet dress like hookers, pose nude for magazines, talk like truckers and dress like men – yet they want to have the respect that a woman deserves…

It doesn’t work like that.

We emasculate our men, we take over the church, don’t cook, we don’t clean and we most certainly don’t raise our children.

We smile when unknown men holler out to us and smile inside saying, “I still got it!” When the reality is, we’ve got NOTHING!

We have flailing marriages, fat families, get-rich-quick churches, empty words and delinquent children named after a street sign we saw the night he was conceived.

Oh, wait… we have an economy that has now hit an all time ridiculous high due to matching the income with the price of housing, groceries, fixtures, furniture, cars that cost as much as my parent’s house, and other “desires of the heart.”

Where did the $3/hour girl down the street sitter go?

Oh yeah, she failed the drug test after being finger printed and the back ground check revealed a shoplifting event at Walmart her parents don’t even know about….

And she wants $15 an hour now.

We have maid services clean our homes for $200 a week (at least I think that’s the rate, they speak selective English) – My mother used to get $45 a house!

We don’t even have to cook – meals that have been plunged with GMO’s because you prefer the “healthier” all white chicken… so, it arrives at your door so you can set it on the counter for all to eat…  whenever they get home.

Skinny is over rated anyway….So what about cardiovascular disease… diabetes – what?

You’re latest venture is finishing the latest porn-book fantasies by Jackie Collins that you bought online during your 15 minute work break at Amazon in between scheduling the next ride to pick up your son/daughter from school and take to their practice …

Make sure they have Face Time – so you can “be there for them.”

Well… maybe they can put it on You Tube… Twitter… Facebook…

You don’t have the passwords anyway, so what does it really matter.

What did your daughter wear to school this morning?

Who drove her?

What’s her boyfriend’s name?

What do his parents do?

OOPS! I crossed the line! That was too judgmental… Pssssh! Wanting to know what his parents were about… what was I thinking?

Is it worse that the Trump man will win over the ordained minister and the lying, stealing, thieving, murdering winch of a…. uh…. (the jury is still out)… “woman” ?

#MegynKelly #Donaldtrump #Raisethebar #hollytashley #pastorofpump

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