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Toughen up Buttercup! | Denise Coventry

I have this friend. She’s … well, I guess you could say she’s my BFF- if that means we’ve been friends forever and gone through some days we’d like to forget and will most likely stay “friends forever” then yep! That would be her!

Her name is Denise Coventry. She is a fantastic friend. She is the one that answers the call,  shows up and stands by your side – whether it be at the gym or in the kitchen.

Even over a glass of wine – helping to resolvethehowto… dissolve the feelings of rage when raising our teenagers.

Denise is the fitness professional who will vow to help you help yourself reach your goals with encouragement and love but also requires discipline and accountability.

She is the one in the kitchen not just showing you how to cook- But guiding you to navigate the fundamentals of nutrition by teaching you how to purchase and prepare healthy food that will cultivate healthy long-term changes to sustain you and your family- all while speaking  truth into your life with words that inspire and motivate.

Denise has a wealth of education and experience and knows how to balance that with just the right measurement of humility and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is either.

If you haven’t met my friend Denise Coventry- Then you are truly missing out on a really, really great friendship.

Sign up for Denise’s blog by clicking here.  In the mean time, enjoy her latest blog:

Toughen up Buttercup!
We all have the inner nag that blisters our hide when feeling vulnerable.  The inner critic fears failing, especially in front of others.  Often choosing the comfort of status quo, rather than taking a risk. What happens next? We limit trying the new or advancing into new territory once we realize effort will need to be maintained.  Hmmmm, does this mean that the risk is much larger than the possible reward?

via Toughen up Buttercup! | denisecoventry.

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