Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Who are you calling misogynistic?

Today I watch as hundreds of thousands of women march for “rights” they believe are going to be taken away from a “misogynistic” President. The women interviewed talked about their right to murder their unborn children, the right to indulge in sexual promiscuity and have the United States tax payer (Evangelicals included) pay for it. They argued that the remarks made on a tape from long ago describe a man who is a sexual predator – taking advantage of women.

Let’s be honest, shall we?

This tyrannical group of feminists are not fighting for the rights of women… Not women in the sense of whom they were designed to be, anyway. They are fighting for feminist’s… a far, far cry from femininity.

These protesting women won’t even admit that these “taken advantage of women”…  were willing participants.

Where is the outrage against those women?

After all, aren’t they a direct reflection of women everywhere?

Those women who marched are the same caliber of women who make it easy for men to explore their opportunities to “take advantage…” These women are fighting for that “right” to be just like them!

Free sex, free birth control, and if they forget to take it… then free abortions.

So many women today give themselves over to men without even knowing their name. They meet up, hook up, and with one little swipe on their phone, they give themselves over… from one man to another…

And this is all part of the new American norm. According to research reports, 95% of all of our children will have had a sexual encounter before they are 18 yrs. Old.

But, why would they not?

The tweets went out and the Face Book posts were written and shared… and women from around the country flew off to “protest” – but the real women, those with morals, values, & standards… feminine women – Those women were told they were not welcome. They were told if they believed in the lives of unborn children, religious freedom, the sanctity of marriage, sexual purity… they were to stay home.

So here’s a strong and true message to you protesters who are so committed to your rights –

You do not have the right to blame men for being… well, men. Put the blame where it belongs, on the women who allow it, participate in it, dress for it, and solicit it.

What women have the “right” to do – is say no.

What women have the “right” to do – is stay pure.

What women have the “right” to do – is demand that a man be a Biblical man- and not settle for less.

What women have the “right” to do – is set the example for the next generation of women – and don’t let them think that sexual immorality is okay- because it is not.

You want misogynistic? Look in the mirror. The word, for those of you who spout it without realizing the meaning, it is one who is strongly prejudiced against women. And you feminist, indeed, fit that depiction better than any man on the planet.

But, I suppose we should define women, since that term has also become blurred:

He wanted her to be just exactly right – for He said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” So He stopped everything and carefully designed her. Beyond the genetic traits, the personal DNA:  She was to be beautiful – inside and out – He took His time and formed her; not from the dust of the ground, but bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh. She was to be special. She was to be the first of her kind.

He counted the hair on her head, her fingers and toes.  Then He chose the color of her eyes. He gave her, her own distinct personality and designed the way her mouth would move as she laughed. He gave her a voice that her husband would learn to recognize as her heart and a body that her husband would always desire.

Then He chose a distinct color for her skin and placed little freckles here and there to give her a character never to be duplicated again. Then He chose a unique color for every strand of hair on her head. He declared her excellent and her worth far above rubies. He gave her heart purpose that her husband could always trust. He designed her specifically to do her husband good and not harm all of her days.

He designed her to be strong and to work willingly and hard. He gave her a sound mind and a nurturing spirit. He gave her courage to pursue dreams and to make sure that her family would pursue theirs. He gave her a spirit of love, grace and mercy. Designed purposefully and lovingly with courage and dignity.

She was “man’s perfect helper.”

Then He placed His seal on her heart and banner over her head and presented her, as a finely crafted gift to behold, to honor and to be cherished – the image of God– the only creation ever presented by the direct hand of God to man.


It’s time we all start acting like it.

-Holly T. Ashley

(Excerpt from “Redemption. Restoration. Recovery.” All rights reserved).


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