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Oh did I type that outloud?

The persistent crime that connects mass shooters and terror suspects: Domestic violence – The Washington Post

As if we needed further proof that domestic violence is nothing more than domestic terrorism.

The persistent crime that connects mass shooters and terror suspects: Domestic Violence

By Mark Berman August 15

Before police in Virginia arrested a 20-year-old man they said plowed his car into a group of activists in Charlottesville over the weekend, killing one and injuring 19 others, the same man had come to the attention of law enforcement in another state. In 2010, police records show, the mother of James Alex Fields Jr. called 911 to report that her son had hit her and threatened to beat her. During another 911 call, made the following year, Fields’s mother said he was “very threatening toward her,” the dispatcher noted.

These calls have helped shed some light on Fields’s life before the chaos in Charlottesville on Saturday. They were also grimly familiar. With the revelation of his mother’s terrified calls, Fields became the latest man accused of a potential terrorist attack or a mass killing to have previously been accused of domestic violence.

Source: The persistent crime that connects mass shooters and terror suspects: Domestic violence – The Washington Post

By Arelis R. Hernández, Jack Gillum, Michael E. Miller and Steve Hendrix


Years before a 20-year-old Ohio man allegedly rammed his car into a panicked crowd of activists in Charlottesville, it was his disabled mother who was terrified.James Alex Fields Jr. was barely a teenager in 2010 when his mother — who uses a wheelchair — locked herself in a bathroom, called 911 and said her son had struck her head and put his hands over her mouth when she told him to stop playing a video game, according to police records. On another occasion, records show, he brandished a 12-inch knife. Once, he spit in her face.“Mom is scared he is going to become violent here,” a dispatcher wrote in a log of the November 2011 call in which Fields’s mother, Samantha Bloom, requested police help in getting her son to a hospital for assessment.

Source: ‘Very threatening’: Mother of Charlottesville suspect James A. Fields called 911 twice – The Washington Post

Holly T. Ashley is the founder of: Redemption. Restoration. Recovery. (R3)  Under the direction and leadership of husband, David Ashley, R3 has been created as a domestic violence training program written by David Ashley, MAA, MDiv., Holly T. Ashley BS Psy., This training includes a Christ-centered teaching manual, class curriculum, and counseling guide for the church and ministries who wish to become domestic violence service providers. There is also an option to join a national network of Christian service providers including resources and referrals.

For more information on obtaining training for your church, please email Holly directly at: Holly@Redemption3.com or visit our website at www.Redemption3.com for information on our other workshops and educational opportunities.

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2 comments on “The persistent crime that connects mass shooters and terror suspects: Domestic violence – The Washington Post

  1. insanitybytes22
    August 19, 2017

    Amen, Holly. That relationship between domestic violence and domestic terrorism is why I often try to speak to some of these more patriarchal pastors who don’t seem to really get the connection between abusing your wife and eventually becoming a real threat to your community at large.

    Additionally, some of these really negative messages about women tend to fuel not only domestic violence but eventually community violence. It can be very frustrating trying to explain the connection to people.

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