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Todd Starnes: And the Devil Smiled | Todd Starnes

(This is a transcript of the Todd Starnes Radio Commentary first broadcast on Feb. 15, 2018)

Another American high school has been turned into a killing field. And the nation wonders why.Well, I’m going to answer that question for you. And the answer may leave you a bit unsettled.

You see – I believe there is a God — but I also believe there is a Devil. And I see his hand at work here.

We’ve raised a generation to believe that truth is relative – that there is no right or wrong.

And the Devil smiled.They kicked God out of public schools – banned Bibles and prayer.

And the Devil smiled.

We’ve destroyed the traditional family – broken homes raising broken kids

And the Devil smiled.There are no consequences for bad behavior – no personal responsibility.

And the Devil smiled.

Our movies and music and games glorify violence and gore. Marriage vows poisoned by pornography.

And the Devil smiled.

What happened in Parkland, Florida is about wickedness – a war with the forces of darkness – good versus evil.

There is no doubt our land is wounded, her people suffering. But we have turned our backs on the One who promised to heal our Land.The politicians and pundits would have you believe this is not about God, it’s not about righteousness. They would have you believe it’s about politics and mental illness and gun control.

And the Devil smiled.

Source: Todd Starnes: And the Devil Smiled | Todd Starnes

One comment on “Todd Starnes: And the Devil Smiled | Todd Starnes

  1. Annie
    March 19, 2018

    What a load of C R A P!

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