Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

“Conversational Christianese…”

I have noticed that smart people who travel frequently learn to speak a “conversational” language of the land that they are spending time in.

That fascinates me. I know people who can communicate in several languages – they couldn’t teach the language – but they know enough to get what they want – In addition, they know how to behave in that particular culture in order to get what they want.

I have found in dealing with the criminal mind (specifically psychopathic behavior) it is the same – After a while even repeat offenders have been granted mercy and let out of their sentence – and its not because they have actually changed their way of thinking (which in turn drives behavior) – Its because they have learned to speak in a type of “conversational” language, check the boxes, just long enough to get what they want.

But have they changed?


Neither has the experienced traveler – They just acquire the necessary skills to get what they want. Never do they actually integrate – or pledge an allegiance to the society – they just have to converse the people that they come across, at that moment in time, just long enough, to get what they want.

The saddest part is when I see it in the American Church.

So many have learned to speak “conversational Christianese,” check the appropriate boxes, and fake their way through the requirements of the church, but never come to a full surrender of God’s holy commands.

They can talk the talk – but they don’t walk the walk.

Their life outside the church, their friends they hang with, and their broken family – are a train wreck!

With the Southern Baptist Convention, (which is like a part of the holy, royal, command of God, here in the south) – leading the way.

Making a mockery of God’s holiness – with their demands for the “social justice” movement, the “woke movement,” and having homosexual religious leaders preach at their events

That makes me angry.

Out here in our new little area, we haven’t learned to “speak” their language.

So, I hear that I’m not very nice. I’m abrupt. I’m intimidating.

Bless their heart.

Actually, what I am is very, very concerned. Fearful. For their soul and the souls they “minister” to.

I have an urgency that is not apparent in the modern-day church – The way it was in the days of Spurgeon – or even more currently – out of the mouth of pastors like Paul Washer – they get it. Life is short – and people are going to hell… wrath of God Almighty?

God isn’t going to put the sin in hell – He created hell for the sinner (as in a real-live person) to spend eternity in complete, utter, misery – “fiery furnace” (Matt 13:41-42); “Outer darkness, weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matt. 22:11-13) – and in this particular passage Jesus is not talking about those outside the church – He is referring to those who “Believe” they are going to the feast (Heaven), calling them wicked and worthless servants.

And people want to complain that I’m not nice.

We’ve got a world full of men full of confusion as to make their wife happy or dress in their clothing, we have parents leaving children to raise themselves, or demanding to deny biology – We have denied our power as a church to set the tone for the nation on morality, overlooked those opt-out of marriage only to engage in perpetual fornication, we have allowed the government to murder our unborn, and we have sat idly by as heretical preachers take over the pulpits.

Over the past 5 decades – and with the commencement of the Campus Crusade movement, we have laid down our swords and picked up a tissue…

How’s that working?


Yep. We’re full of them out here. As a matter of fact, I don’t think we have met one – single – individual who has not said, “I’m a believer.”

They can’t tell you what they believe or why they believe it – but hey, they’re “believers.”

Jesus called them a “brood of vipers,” and “Whitewashed tombs.”

I’ve been referred to as being “judgey” …

I find that hysterical.

Actually, when I hear that, I know I’ve struck conviction of sin!

You know who else was “judgey” – PAUL, PETER, JAMES, The writer of Hebrews. They all warned, rebuked, admonished, and condemned bad behavior for those in the church…

You know what else? Paul commanded that we imitate him.

“Is it not those inside the church who you are to judge? God judges those outside. “Purge the evil PERSON from among you” (1 Cor. 5:11-13).

So – knowing that I will be judged in the same manner (7:2), I remove the log from my own eye (7:5), by being obedient and abiding in Christ (Jn 15:4), in repentance (Rom. 6:;14), with a fear of God (Rev. 4:8) – So I can get the speck out of yours…. and try to warn your sorry, wretched soul.

“My brothers, if anyone among you wanders from the truth and someone brings him back, let him know that whoever brings back a sinner from his wandering will save his soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins” (James 5:19-20).

Your welcome.

And be forewarned: “As for those who persist in sin, rebuke them in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear” (1 Tim. 5:20).

The God I serve is holy. And if you want to be a part of His church, you are going to have to be obedient to His commands – accountable and transparent.

His wrath is far more fearful than me hurting your precious feelings.

You cannot just come in and take the name of “Christian,” learn to skate through an hour here and there, speak a little “Christianese…”  and not follow His commands – that offends me – and I will not stay silent.

Because you have offended the Lord God Almighty. The righteous and holy God Almighty, creator and destroyer of creation.

  • And, because I love you and those you are “ministering” to.

One comment on ““Conversational Christianese…”

  1. insanitybytes22
    June 17, 2019

    I hear you, Holly. What you call Christianese, I often call, “just phoning it in.” The words are right, but the heart is so obviously not.

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