Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Strength to Endure

Father. You are the only, true, awesome and holy God. Sustainer of the universe, commander of the stars and planets. Great creator, who is all in all.

I am broken and crushed.

I pray for you to give us the strength to endure.

The land that you have blessed us with – this land that demands that you bless it – has fallen into the hands of the enemy. And I fear your wrath against this nation, that has mocked you, ignored you, hated you, denied you, watered down your gospel….

is just getting started.

And Lord God, I pray you give us the strength to endure, because it is no one’s fault but ours. We have forgotten who you are – once again.

But you’re about to show us all, aren’t you?

And it is no one’s fault but those of us who call ourselves your disciples.

Although furious at the so-called leaders in charge of our legislation – No where can more blame be placed, than at the pulpit of your church.

For decades wolves in sheep’s clothing have called for Christians to lay down the sword of the spirt in the name of social justice and “wokeness.”

Oh, what have we done!

What we have not done is fight.

We have stood around like Saul’s army… like scared little boys without a leader… screaming “There’s a lion in the streets….” As we roll over in our beds and cover our heads –

All while simultaneously patting ourselves on the back for being “nice.”

We have truly served other “gods” – the graven images of the pope, religion, Trump/Obama, celebrities who claim to know you. Forsaking our families for time at the office, neglecting our children to make the “almighty buck,” only to have it sprout wings and fly away.

We have truly taken your name in vain – professing to be your disciples, we strive to be like the world. Speaking corrupt, obscenities without a second thought.

We have dishonored our parents and left them to die alone, murdered our children so that we can seek after our own desires, stolen from our brothers, and withheld financial support for your ministries that seek to serve you by serving others.

We have lied to the world about your judgement and wrath. Declaring “Peace! Peace!” When there is no peace – only an eternity in hell – even omitting the fire and brimstone and replacing it with purgatory or some form of minor separation…

If not denying it altogether.

We have called bold and courageous warriors for Christ “mean!” We have shunned those who speak truth and by bearing false witness against their holy and righteous attempt to spread your holy word – because “their tone was too harsh.”

We have spent decades and decades, millions and billions, coveting everything that everyone else has – striving for the wind, nothing but vanity.

Judah and Israel have nothing on our adultery committed against you!

No wonder you have turned your back on us.

There is no fear of the Lord in this place.  

Oh, Woe to us!

We, who have been entrusted with the “deposit” have forsaken you in order to be “relevant… loving…”

And of course, “kind…”

Wicked, defiled, debased, Sinners.

Worthless! Unfit for any good work.

That’s what we are. Blatantly disregarding your command to speak TRUTH – to preach the WHOLE counsel of God.

We have replaced the battlefield with a sandbox and the armor of God with filthy rags.

Women have forsaken their homes and left their children to be indoctrinated by the nation’s “education system,” so that they could hang from the glass ceiling…

And they hang with the grossest of indecent, immodesty and then act revolted when unholy men respond.

We have allowed your commands to be crucified and we alone are the ones driving in the nails.

We have sat in our proverbial “prayer closets,” and, denying your command to “always be ready to make a defense,”…. We begged you to take the “Sword” from our hands and “fight the good fight” in our place.

We have dropped our slings and left the stones in the river, while demanding that you defeat Goliath.

We have allowed the sacrifice of the unborn babies to be murdered while we shake our heads and wag our fingers – too fearful of man to openly and LOUDLY condemn the sinner!

We have allowed fornication, adultery, sexual abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, pedophilia, pornography, sexual exploitation, women preachers/leaders/directors, – IN THE PEWS and AT THE ALTAR OF YOUR HOLY CHURCH –

And laid down church discipline for “acceptance” and “forgiveness” for those unrepentant, evil, worthless, unfit to serve, disgraces to your Holy Name – all because they shed a tear.

Oh, if I only had a cat-of-nine-tails…


That’s what we are.

And there will be no strength to endure all that is heading our way…

We have openly, humiliated and emasculated our husbands, publicly declaring their sinfulness, while at a women’s prayer breakfast … or on a self-edifying retreat.

… or by way of casual sarcasm, saying “But I was only joking…”

We have openly, humiliated our young men with our demands for “sensitivity” training.

We have surrendered our daughter’s pearlescent virtue to be replaced with vile immodesty while throwing her head-long into temptation, as the unworthy, unrighteous, swine – whom you have never met, honks in the driveway.

We have vacated and even encouraged the relinquished command of parental discipleship and reduced it to a week of vacation Bible school.

No longer do we worship together as families… but dismiss the unruly, disrespectful, undisciplined, children to children’s church… or to hear the latest “Jesus is my boyfriend” song be rocked out in the high school youth group, with its smoke machines and dim lighting.

God help us. But then again, why would you?

Did you not give us 66 books of warnings?

Did you not declare your holiness?

Did you not give us a historical account of your wrath against Israel?

Are you not the creator of hell?

Forgive us for completely and utterly defacing the banner that you have hung over us – written in the blood of you Son.

What a shameful, wretched country of people we are.

No, we are no “nation whose God is the Lord.” And no. We do not deserve to be blessed by you.

We deserve everything that is headed our way.

And as you shake this tree – Oh dear Lord, forgive those of us who declare our worthless – but repentant hearts and grant us the strength and endurance to suit up, whet our swords, and lead the charge in the holy hell that is about to rain down across this land.







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