Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

I wanna wear pink!

As a personal trainer I realize rather quickly when my clients are not quite ready for certain exercises – you know the weight might be too high or the reps might be too many or even the sheer exercise itself might be over the top for them – they simply have not built up the stamina or the strength to withstand the pressures of that particular exercise…

So is our relationship – if you have ever been in a prior relationship or your spouse has ever been in a previous relationship then you must know that you bring baggage and a few carry-ons into that relationship! And that means that if your spouse says that pink is a color he cannot tolerate – then you don’t wear pink!

I am not saying that pink stinks – nor am I saying that you are right to defend your right to wear pink!! I am asking- what is more important? Your relationship to your spouse (relationship) or your “right” to wear pink?

I know as your trainer that you really can do what I am asking…. But mentally, you are not prepared… so I find something else that will motivate you and propel you into moving forward with your session and that will be a greater benefit in the long run of obtaining your goal…

Isn’t that what Jesus meant when He told us to be a “Peace maker” and that our greatest goal was to be ministers for him – our sole purpose is to be a “helper” not to protest our “rights,” therefore, isn’t it more important to be a helper, and therefore show our support, love and submission to our mates by being obedient to their desires – ?

It is if it is our hearts desire to do the will of God and do the purpose that He has designed for us – just as it is my desire to make sure you reach your full potential and I meet your desire to obtain your fitness goals….

Just say’n

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