Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Holly T. Ashley

Why a blog for Holly T. Ashley?

Holly Ashley practically grew up at the the largest church in the state of Arizona (at the time – and 3rd largest in the country) where she was a church youth leader, singer and high school youth counselor…

Although she was saved during a Christian camp she attended with some neighbors when she was in sixth grade, it was not a family decision until later on in her life. But she definitely knew her life had changed forever.Favorite

She went on to become the 20th Century’s Miss Arizona and Model of the year appearing in movies, TV, commercials and as one of the Miller Lite Girls….

She also married and divorced 3 times by the age of 30, and found herself raising 2 children on her own and making a living a a stripper….

No boo-hoo… Everyone has a story and there are many, many more out there that are no different or much worse! Some of us are victims of circumstance, some of bad decisions and most of the time of both – but the good news is that you don’t have to stay there! Victory is found in Christ – living in Christ that is!

Holly now shares her example of “Victim to Victory” by using her past experiences of being beaten, abused, molested by her grandfather, raped by the next-door neighbor and his friends at 6(ish), then again at 18…. to encourage others to realize who they really are and how to find God’s grace, truth and His great and awesome plan through the pain –

Holly T. Ashley is a professional singer, (member: BMI and the Christian Songwriters Assoc)., speaker, songwriter, published author and writer Holly is currently writing a book called “Victim to Victory”. In addition, Holly is a certified behavioral health counselor – specializing in family violence, abuse and neglect… (yeah I know… go figure).

You do not have to be a victim! There is victory in overcoming!

Dave and Holly T. Ashley

Holly T. Ashley

Dave and Holly T. Ashley
“I am my beloved…”

Holly is currently married to the love of her life of 27 years… OH WAIT!!! We were engaged 27 years ago – but we’ve only been married for one year on March 19… Because I didn’t know love and left him at the proverbial alter…. But that’s another “story” for another day…


Read more about Holly’s husband and love of her life, David Ashley AKA: The Pastor of Pump Here

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