Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Sexy Chef

I hung her up in my kitchen pantry… On the door, behind the reusable plastic bags, where she is easily accessible… for those “special” occasions….

She has become a little shy lately, as I haven’t taken her out as much as I should – but when I saw her today, I thought… hmmmmm…. I should pass this along to my over 40 (almost 50) married girlfriends….

So here’s my little secret…. I have a dessert-helper…. She’s a little furry, resembles that of a mink coat with a satin tie and she’s better than a sue-chef  because if I time it right – It doesn’t matter what we’re cooking for dinner – He cleans the plate so fast, he doesn’t even taste it…. it could be burnt… that is if dinner makes it to the table before we do…

Guess it?  …. she’s my “Cooking Naked” apron.

I bought her at a yard sale about a week or so after we got married… She had been given as a gift and never taken out of her box…. so why did I buy her? Because I cook… yeah cook…. seriously cook….  like back in the 1950’s cooking era… Breakfast, lunch and dinner… with snacks in between, I used to make a new cake each week… but age and 50 pounds has put an end to that!

Sometimes I use the BBQ, sometimes the stove, sometimes even the blazing hot AZ oven….  but it’s three meals, most every day… and I love it!

See people think that because I’m a stay-at-home wife I don’t have anything better to do with my time but cook – well, that’s not quite the case. As I have stated before I also am the business manager for our three businesses and two ministries – not to mention my husband’s personal chef… I also design and maintain our websites and write our newsletters… some day I”m going to finish my book (and I say that knowing my publisher is reading this…. See! I haven’t forgotten Alicia!!! 🙂 But I’m also a little neurotic about making beds, doing laundry every day… yes. Every day! And currently I have taken on the extending of our patio and making our backyard an oasis…. did I mention contending with the bobcat that is now living on my roof? Well, another time maybe…

So… at the end of the day, needless to say… I’m a little tired!

furry apron

Let’s face it, we are getting a little older… body parts are hanging a little lower than they should be… and some of them have simply disappeared from view altogether.. and frankly I’m not always feeling as sexy as he seems to think he sees me as (I think he’s losing his eyesight as well) – but… whatever the case He still finds me to be appealing and to me… well those of you who have seen pix of my hubby… he’s just HOT… so I do silly little things like wear a furry apron while I cook… it hides the parts I don’t particularly care for and the other I can’t see anyway…. so, as he’s about to walk through the door…. well…

With all the discussion about sex these days, especially within the Christian realm, we forget that we have a duty to each other – I know people don’t like that word… but as my friend and fellow blogger (Teresa Bicknell-Shrouds – “Whisper Road”) will say, “I refuse to be married to my brother!” What she means – is that after so many years we become complacent! We forget that we have needs that need to be met, love that needs to be rekindled and kindled….

We forget that sex isn’t just for the young…. or for that matter – the bedroom – take a chance on the couch… kitchen counter… the floor! How about in your outside “Oasis”? You’ve got cleaner! It will come clean!

I guarantee this will be one night where he’s not too tired….. Now, go slip off your clothes and get into a sexy apron, pour some wine and prepare dinner – I guarantee you’ll love the dessert! Did I mention the exercise you’ll receive… Oh, I’ll get to that later…

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