Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Karma, Charma, Carma…

Cause and Effect

 Charma… Karma… Carma (however you spell it.. it will return to you the same way)… Cause and effect

Getting what you deserve…. Taken directly from the Bible, of course (as is every good truth)… Reaping what you sow

Whatever you want to call it – it is truth. When you do something, say something, or even act a certain way there will be a result. It could be good or bad, it could be misunderstood or dead-on center. But whatever the case is – there is an effect, affect, a result, consequence, outcome, conclusion… well you get it – “What goes around comes around.”


 If your mind has drifted into the negative, join the club. The reality is that in its truest sense of the meaning- charma is what God calls “Reaping what you sow,” and it is nothing more than receiving the return on your investment. Good or bad. So if what you are receiving isn’t exactly positive… maybe you should reflect on what you are putting out there… what seeds you are sowing.

Sowing seeds is one of the examples that Jesus used as a visual to tell a hardcore fact because most of us are just too self-centered and egotistical to think that hard truths, presented in plain English would pertain to us – noooooooooooo – that’s the part when people say, “Oh, I don’t believe that!” or better yet, start thinking of all the people you’re going to use that little tid-bid of information against… yeah, you’re not alone – we’ve all done it.

So God uses examples… scenarios… stories….of other people, places and things, like this parable (story) of the farmer to help us stay focused on the story- from beginning to end – so we see the complete story – rather than us hearing something like “the wages of sin is death,” and thinking that doesn’t apply to us, or just denying the truth… we will actually find the happy ending we want and actually try to achieve it – so….

domino effect

…. And again “sowing” seeds to grow turnips is going to produce turnips, as will the planting (sowing) seeds for tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.   Stop nudging your spouse and/or thinking of 10 friends you are going to forward this to – who most certainly could benefit from these words of wisdom… maybe you should reflect on what you have been planting. What type of seeds are you sowing?

What it is NOT is: looking at the ground and pleading with it, manipulating it, ignoring it, and/or even stomping your feet and cursing it for not growing something… anything…. On its very own… You have to do something! You have responsibilities.

These responsibilities are the “Cause” to the effect, the “deserving” of what you have got, the “sowing” ok you get it – you are responsible to plant the seeds in order to grow the veggies.. flowers… or whatever it is that you are hoping to reap – You and only you need to plant seeds of kindness in order to receive kindness and…  you have to ditch toxic relationships (friends, family, etc.) to cleanse yourself of toxic waste… We will talk more about Toxic relationships soon.


Yeah. That too – get the weeds out of your garden or it will choke out the good stuff! Which brings me to the grand finale’ the final truth, the absolute moral of the story –

God won’t bless you if you’re not obedient to His commands.


 God will NOT bless you if you are not obedient to His commands.

Commands: Directive, instruction, statutes, regime, power, control, leadership truths, laws, reality, regulations, decrees, acts, ruling, principles, theories, formula…

 Get it? Not your truth – HIS truth.

 The Bible says that “the truth will set you free.”

The Bible says that “I am the way the truth and the life.” (by the way that’s Jesus talking)

The Bible says that “In the beginning was the Word (capitalized) and the Word (capitol again..? why…?) was with God… and the Word! was God. (oh… the Word is Jesus” (John chapter 1 good place to start reading your Bible).

Now I know some of you might say, but that’s your interpretation, Holly – and my response to you is: “I’m sorry you never learned to read – because – BOOM BABY – there it is in black and white.”

The Bible also says that “The wages of sin is death.” Yep. Death – that means, without Christ to save you from your sinful life you will go to hell and suffer and die for all of eternity – Hey! Don’t get mad at me, I love you and am trying to fulfill the Great Commission. (you can read about that too in your Bible).

The Bible says to “Repent and be baptized.” So do it.

The bottom line is this – people want blessings – but they don’t want to do the right then to get the blessings. They don’t want to worship the one true King, God almighty, the Great I Am. Jesus Christ.

They don’t want to go to church, read their Bible, become a part of a small group Bible Study.

I hear people tell me all the time “I worship in my own way.” Really? How’s that going? That’s like telling your children to learn algebra… on their own. Good luck with that – I’m sure he’ll blow them away with the education he gets from…. Oh wait – NOTHING!

 Yeah that makes perfect sense….  Just what kind of stupid is that?

People want a god of their choice, that will allow them to live the life they want to live, sow the seeds they want to sow – even if it is hateful, bitter, unforgiving, wrath and reap a bountiful harvest of gold, silver, jewels,  millions of dollars, and lollipops and candy-canes…

 Well, it doesn’t work like that.

Obedience to God’s ways, God’s Word, God’s precepts = blessings.

Cause and effect – God’s love for you will effectively change your life.

Sowing obedience will reap a harvest of the abundant life – that is a God promise!

Charma doesn’t have to be a b**ch… unless you are. You will get what you deserve.

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