Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Happy Birthday My Love.

Today is your birthday – and I did what you asked of me.  I did not call. I did not send a card. I did nothing to make your day brighter or anything to make your life easier.

Today I gave you something you cannot take from me. I gave you the best gift I ever received. Only no one prayed for me, so it took longer and so for you, I decided I would help you get there faster… yes, today I began praying that you would receive the best gift ever.

The complete, obliteration and total destruction of your pride.Hurt

I prayed for your pride of life to be destroyed. Totally, completely crushed, disrepair beyond measure.  For all the earthy, narcissistic behavior to stop and those toxic people and habits – those things you hold dear to you  – to be removed from your hands  – those precious hands that hold that precious child – those hands of yours that bleed profusely as you try desperately to hang on to dangerous liaisons and relationships that slice into you like a knife and keep you held captive in the solitary confinement of pity and pride that you use as an excuse for not living the abundant life Christ has given to you or being the virtuous woman you are designed to be.

Yes today, I pray: Let your destruction begin. Amen.

Today I began praying for you:

I asked the Lord to fill you with His spirit of truth, with his power to fight off the demons you have within you – the lies you chose to believe and the terrible consequences that cause your daily life to be a grueling mountain climb that ends with a massive landslide down to the bottom.

Today, I especially pray that on this day,  your 20th celebration of your birth, that you will hit rock bottom. I pray that the landslides in your life that give way daily, will finally crush you beneath the circumstances of your choices, your friends, your decisions, your lack of repentance and your pity – and that there is no way out. That by your own strength you would fall even deeper until you are simply paralyzed and you would find yourself at the bottom of a deep, dark black hole covered by the weight of your sin then.. and only then, when you are incapable of moving one single inch –  when you are left to only tears and regret  – I pray you would surrender defeat, In the name of Jesus.

I pray that His light would shine on you so bright that it would be blinding. I pray that your eyes would see the glory of God and He would penetrate your innermost being. I pray that this day God will open your heart and He would change your life.

That today the light of Jesus would cauterized the deep wounds in your heart and that you will demand to be healed. That whether by you or another you would leave bitterness of the pain and hurt feelings behind and claim your “new life” and your “sound mind” in Christ. I pray that for the sake of His righteousness alone you would “walk worthy of the call to which you have been called.” That today there are no more excuses and that today, you will finally realize:

 there is no one to blame.

Yes, I pray that today you have the best birthday ever: That today, September 25, 2013 you begin your new life in Christ – That on this day – your pride is crushed and destroyed by the power of the Holy spirit of Jesus Christ within you and that you claim your inheritance of life that was paid for you by the unrecognizable – beaten body and blood of your redeemer.

Yes I pray that today is the day you start living the virtuous life you have been called to live.

Happy Birthday my darling.

Happy Birthday.

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  1. Holly T. Ashley
    September 25, 2014

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    Happy Birthday baby. I love you more than life itself.

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