Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Diary of a mean Menopausal woman

Oh for the love of a load of laundry!

Between the new gym, the launch of the grand opening party, marketing for new clients and personal trainers, my house is ridiculous! The dishes, the laundry, the bathrooms that need to be cleaned, floors that need to be mopped and don’t get me started on the spraying for the never-ending scorpion house guests –  Oh crap that brings me to the patio that needs to be swept… after all it is wine on the patio time of year!

Then there are David’s last two classes of his theological Master’s degree (over my head) Seminary degree which are totally writing intensive – and my wonderfully, well versed, methodical, direct and to-the-point husband does not realize that two pages does not an eight page paper make….

So by the time I step in to help with research and expanding the paper – and my husband’s sweet words of: “Don’t worry about the house… it’ll get done…”

 By whom!

I about blow a gasket until I turn to hear the roar of the vacuum cleaner and my husband glows in the sunlight that is shining in through the dirty windows like the knight in shining armor that he is…. I love him…. J

For a minute anyway

OMG! What did the cat drag in… literally! There is dirt everywhere! Really does the laundry not ever end! There are only two of us.

Oh well. Life goes on and it’s just another glorious day in my wonderful life.

Time to catch a quick shower and the highlight of my day – I splurged on some new razor blades! (What are they friggin gold now a days!) And I get a nice clean shave …. For what I don’t know… wine on the patio?

 Perhaps! Yes.




2 comments on “Diary of a mean Menopausal woman

  1. Jen Castaneda
    October 8, 2013

    So feel you right now, with Steff’s toe, my new business and my own medical issues I am overwhelmed and was at a point of a nervous breakdown. My list are longer than I am tall….so I finally threw up my hands, closed my eyes and got on my knees…..prayer, prayer and more prayer. My list aren’t any shorter but I’m dealing better with what needs to be done and feel ok going to bed if it ain’t all done

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