Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Empty Nesting…

(The following is an excerpt from Holly’s new book that will be available in January “What if you loved your husband…. differently?”)

You’re empty nesters…?

Why aren’t you naked?!

If there is one single thing I totally am aware of when it comes to my husband – He likes it when I’m naked- and it doesn’t matter if I’m a size 2 or a size 12 – somehow or another, it’s like he’s got blinders on and in his mind I look like a Victoria’s Secret model with the sculpted body, wrinkle-free face, and somewhere someone has turned on the wind machine that wisps my hair back into that Farah Fawcett dreamy-bay-watch/Bo Derick Running on the beach “look”  and his eyes simply glaze over…..

It’s a beautiful thing.

For a moment, I’m even caught up in it myself…. Then I catch myself in the mirror as I pass by and have to struggle to “keep the dream alive…”

We are blessed to have a total of four children all living elsewhere so every now and again I just great my hubby at the door wearing nothing but my smile – or sometimes I have been known to have the fire pit going, candles all lit up and I simply wait outside with nothing but the wine and hors oeuvres.

So hopefully you’re getting some ideas….. 😛 Right!

After years of waiting for my husband to “respond” to me or to “say the right thing,” or to “do” something romantic… I realized doesn’t have one single idea what the heck I want, need, let alone expect… and lets face it… does it NOT change on a day to day… moment by moment bases.. 

uhhhhhhhh… Yes would be the correct answer to that question, ladies.

Ok – so let’s forget all that nonsense… especially the “expectations”  and go after what we want – and he’ll even get what he wants in the end – so hey! Everyone’s happy!!!

First of all – what do we want…?

Well frankly its: Attention, love, affection…. yes, all of the above!

Well, here’s what I have learned. To get it, you have to give it. YOU have to meet him where he’s at –

So – if he’s at the door – Go greet him!

If you want a kiss – Kiss him. Right on the mouth!

If you want his attentionGive him something that will get his attention!

You want love – then LOVE him! (not you’re kind of love) – Love him like he likes to be loved – (This is where I recommend reading Gary Chapman’s love languages) –

If you don’t know your husband’s love language ASK HIM – “What can I do for you tonight? Ask him while your naked! I can almost guarantee a response!”

All of this is in your court … why? Because YOU are the one reading this book! You want your honey’s attention – go get it baby!

Tonight’s the night – it doesn’t get any easier than this:

Get naked!

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