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Oh did I type that outloud?

What Message are You Trying to Send?

The Grunge Look – In Church?

A few years ago, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen were put on display from the media as the “Dumpster-Diving” divas – I saw the pictures and agreed – their layers of clothing did not match and they looked as if they literally took them layer by layer from dumpsters across America.

I have been noticing a growing trend – by our “Christian young people” and it didn’t start at church – it started a couple few years ago (southern translation – “many”)

I have watched people across America lose their self-worth and identity for years and it is progressively getting worse!

The confidence and hope that God gives each of us has been replaced with the foolish pride of life. The young Christians are now just following suit… and those of us who are called to “Teach the younger…” are failing miserably!

Ok, “suit” is definitely not the right word…

But it’s been going on for years… we as a society just looked down on it – or looked (as in acknowledged it) back in the day – now we tolerate it and because of that, it’s getting worse!

I remember when Sinead O’Conner appeared on the Tonight show many years ago when I was in college. First of all Ms. O’Conner is a little Irish girl standing only about 5’4 and might have weighed 100 pounds soaking wet. At that time she was controversial to say the least – loud, obnoxious and always had a comment – but that night she appeared on the show wearing her hair bleached white and scalped to a ½ inch of its life, Army fatigues, huge over-sized men’s combat boots and dark sunglasses – and actually made the comment “I just want people to quit staring…” I had to laugh.

It was really sad because she was such a great talent – just totally set people off…

Sitting at a Christian event the other day, and looking around the room, I had to laugh… and then I thought – This isn’t funny – these people represent Christ as His ministers and as His princesses and children – What the crap!

I understand fashion but folks, this isn’t fashion!

I understand meeting people where they are at – but that does not mean I have to pitch a tent under a bridge to minister to a homeless person.

That is simply stupid!

I am not sure when it became fashionable to not wash either yourself or your clothes for a week or to make your hair look as if a rat has found refuge in the deeply died tint of that stuff formerly known as your hair – but it’s not pretty.

As a matter of fact it is gross.

I might be getting old – and I understand that Jesus met people where they are at – but to go so far as to be disgusting and to make yourself look like a homeless person after God has blessed you with life, a home, family and friends that love you and care for you – ? That is false humility and it’s not tolerable. Its sinful.

You’re living a lie. And that is not what Jesus did. And yep – I’m calling you out.

Jesus did not call us to blend in – He calls us to be “Set Apart.” To stand out boldly and proclaim the gospel of Christ and to represent ourselves as His children – that would be children of the King, with their sins washed away and their appearance as white as snow.

When I was in eighth grade my parents decided that they would go to church and they chose the where every other car in the parking lot was a Mercedes and the average income was well above what we were used to and far above what we could afford.

My mother went from Kmart to “Colour Drape” in a New York minute and my dad went from the Wrangler/mutton wrestler to Alligator boots and Sables Western wear shirts at $100 a whack.

I remember my brother for some odd reason believing the best way to sleep in church was in a suit – and well… I just sat in awe and amazement as we tried desperately to “fit in.”

Paul seemed to be having to deal with people in his day as well – in his first letter to Timothy he says this about the women:

“Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.”

Paul is saying don’t be prideful. There are those who go without, respect that.

On the other hand Proverbs describes the Virtuous woman as being lovely, blessed and she takes care of the appearance of herself and her household making sure that they are well-groomed, fed and presentable – even if she has to make the clothing herself.

We represent Christ.  false humility doesn’t get you anywhere.

Worse than anything it takes away from Christ and brings the attention all on Y….O….U….

Both extremes are sinful in behavior and that is what I know most about – Sinful behavior. But we are forgiven of that sin!

Act like it!

We are called to “Walk worthy of the call to which we have been called.”

What message are YOU trying to send?

And pull up your freaking pants while you’re at it – nothing worse than skinny jeans on a man that look like he pulled his shorter sister’s out of the dryer by mistake….

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