Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

2014… Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Well here we are fourteen years into the 2000’s – what’s up with that! What about the Ron L. Hubbard, Y2K, Mayan Calendar end of year/end of life…. ?

We got nothin’ Just another year…

We might get a new reality show. Or Law and Order… I know, How about a new CSI! CSI – Denver… we can call it “Guns and Smoke.”

And when did we revert back to the 70’s? With the stripes and plaids, hip huggers, wedged shoes… even the hair seems to be growing….


The hardest thing about the 2000’s is that we aren’t really in the decades yet – I think we are all quietly waiting for it to be the “20’s” or “30’s” like in our parent’s and grandparent’s era!

We grew up hearing all about the “Good Ole Days,” with the great victories, discoveries, inventions and of course the golden age of television and movie stars!

We have reality TV and fashion throw-backs.

I haven’t heard any really great resolutions since the 90’s when we all vowed to be less about ourselves, but not the saps we were in the 70’s but way better than we were in the 80’s….

Well, all I know is that I’m glad I am not in the…. Uh… 0’s…

…  00’s…

– see it’s just not right!!

So, what’s new in 2014? Well for starters: We are six years closer to being in the “early 20’s!”

I wonder what I’ll be wearing…? What will our grandchildren tell their children about our decades?

Will they be “good ole days?”

Well, we won’t be starting NASCAR with a moonshine run or wearing our latest “flapper-dress” out in our fancy new automobile…

But we might invent something…. Discover something…. Manufacture something…. ?

Maybe even here in the United States? (Besides a new Internet platform).

I wonder what my hair will look like. Will I be wearing stripes or will it be back to plain button downs? Will the sweater-vest ever really make a comeback? What about suits and ties – ? Where did those days go, where people actually got dressed when they went outside??

2013 was a year for hats and scarves – I think that’s kinda cool – ok in Arizona it’s rather hot… especially in the summer months. But what’s cool is the fading out those silly looking knitted snow caps from the …

hu… 10’s and 11’s….

Personally, 2013 was another splendid year for us! My husband graduated with his Master’s of Apologetic from Seminary, we also started a new personal training facility.

But it also brought the sadness of losing our dear family Matriarch – who went to be with Jesus – But that, in turn brought us into new-revived family relationships – brought together at the celebration of Cec’s life and for that, we will forever be grateful!

We are looking forward to building on those relationships as we go through these next … hu…

Hu… What is this decade?

The teen years? Is that what we would call them?

Yep! We’re in the teens –

Holy Crap! That explains everything!

It all makes perfect sense now!

It’s like we are back at that age where we don’t really know what to do with ourselves, we just are in the discovery phase of this new beginning and we kinda rebel, but look back on the past – to try and build on the future… but don’t have that sense of direction because our parents are too busy with their agendas (Obama Care and re-election),

We’re kinda those latch-key kids trying to stay busy, but not really doing much but walking around with our heads hung down (into our latest phone) our shoulders hunched over (into our computers reading a blog) keeping to ourselves (with our latest Tablet or IPad) Complaining about our parents (Obama)…

Even our friends are mostly superficial friends of friends who we don’t really talk to, we just “pass notes” (comment or like a status) on Face Book, Twitter or Linked in.

We don’t like anyone or anything. We argue and rebel against everything. But we really don’t know anything!

Yes, this is most definitely a strange decade… well, actually its two decades – but the first one doesn’t even have a number… It’s like childhood years…

Maybe in 2014 we can sneak out the proverbial American Window and smoke cigarettes on the steps of Obama Care.

We’ll grow up next decade…


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