Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Life Happens…

It was such a wonderful plan…

I was home early and had plenty of time – so I jumped in the shower and even shaved my legs.

I ordered dinner from our favorite Italian restaurant and had it on the warmer.

I had made his favorite cake and it was in the oven.

So, I had a little time left to slip into something a little sexy and get the margarita’s going in the blender….

Then I headed outside, lighting candles along the way as I turned out the lights.


The fire was going in the fire pit and I sat myself down and waited for him to come through the door, follow the pretty glow of candlelight and “enjoy” his birthday present from me… (Feeling like Rita Haywood right about now…)

But life happens.

Just about the time I sat back in my cozy outdoor rocker, my cell phone went off with a text message letting me know he was pulling in the driveway, would I please have the computer turned on and “Skype” ready….

Sure. It was the kids. “Happy Birthday dad!”

I did as I was asked and I went back outside, margarita in hand…

And I sulked…

I shaved my legs for this?

“Its times like these,” I thought to myself, “when I wished I still smoked.”

Pouty face….

Ever blurted out “Oh shoot, I forgot to let the cat in…. did you turn on the coffee maker?” In the heat of the…. The… moment?

I have… yeah I know what your thinking – but if you haven’t you will!

Life happens!

So what do you do?

Well fortunately – I – like you, am married to a man.

So, after he got off of the Skype video call –  I walked back into the house, took the cake out of the oven, made my husband a drink and fed him his dinner.

Then I took off the sexy lingerie and decided the cake could wait.

 Yep. I got naked.

Over the years, I have learned that life happens – we just can’t give up or give in! We have to remember who we are and the man we love and our marriage to him is our ministry – we are his helper – the Bible says we complete him. And we need to remember that little factoid when life happens.

Kids will grow up and move away… and Skype you at inappropriate times… But your husband is yours long after those kids grow up and move on!

And who wants that love to die?! No one! We have to fight to keep it alive – and that’s not just on special occasions like Birthdays and anniversaries either!

Marriage is an ongoing education on how to love your mate.

We always say that kids are resilient – but the truth is that they get that trait from watching us! We are resilient! We are the ones that can get it done!

We are women!

And even though that sexy moment doesn’t look like it does in the movies… it will be appreciated! That I can guarantee! Your husband will love you in spite of life’s hiccups.

So, whether it be kids, hormones, time, energy or lack thereof – Let me encourage you to give it one more try.

And hurry up – God only knows how long you have before the phone rings, the neighbors come by or you mom drops in.

2 comments on “Life Happens…

  1. insanitybytes22
    January 28, 2014

    LOL! I enjoyed reading that, thank you.

  2. Teresa
    January 29, 2014


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