Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Hillary to the rescue…? Sure looks like it…

“I’ll tell ya what I’d be doing…”

Hillary Clinton sure did sound off in yesterday’s Fox News’ two-tiered interview with Bret Baier and Greta Van Susteren. Clinton was on the mark… that is, if your goal is to make your Presidential mark in 2016…. 

Hillary showed herself confident and oh, so politian-like…. Putting on a nice display of “If I were there,” pre-campaign promises… all while dancing around America’s 4th amendment rights as to illegal wire taping by the Government,  to insuring American’s that she would be  “burning up the phone lines” with Mexico to get a wrong-way marine, Andrew Tahmooressi,  out of prison, in addition to letting us all know that tapping (German Chancellor) Angela Merkel should be “off-limits” (I guess she has the 4th amendment rights, even if America doesn’t…

Hillary even went so far as to suggest a “meeting of the minds” and devise a plan to  protect Sarah Palin and the like from any more personal attacks…


Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

Ok, so that was stretching it…but certainly not far – the only thing I added was Palin’s name.

Mrs. C want’s to eliminate the prevalent sexism across the board, stating that it is, “in politics, in journalism, in business…”

Oh wait…. but what about that issue…

You know… Back during the campaign…. The personal attack on Sarah Palin… ?

Anything ringing a bell, Mrs. C?

“I do believe that sexism is still a problem!” stated Clinton

“… and we need to call it out!” Hillary even went so far as to add: “It’s a line you shouldn’t cross.”

Greta was not hesitant to ask the candidate… I mean, Mrs. Clinton about the time during the Presidential campaign, when Sarah Palin was personally attacked by way of an article written about her, stating that she was not the mother of her special needs child….

Why didn’t Mrs. Clinton… or anyone else for that matter come across those bi-partisan lines and come to her aid?

Clinton’s response was typical… that attitude of I’m running for office… find the right words to sweep this away all while boasting about myself, my accomplishments… 

You know, political crap…. Pointing out how she “Knows all about personal attacks…” because she’s been in the political arena…

Oh, that’s right, Governor Palin was just a newbie…

But Hillary was quick to point out that the issue with Governor Palin, “May or may not have been addressed…” she just, “couldn’t say for sure.”

Oh good lordy lady! You were there!

Alex, I’ll take “Why didn’t Hillary ‘Call out’ the personal attack on Governor Palin,” for 200 please.

Clinton went on to suggest that “maybe we could work together to ensure that we [protect the women in politics or the young women coming up]…”

Mrs. C… Who the hell are you talking to? Who are the “we?”

Basically Hillary what you are saying is that when it comes to sexism, personal attacks and the like… we are to “call it out” at all times, with the exception of course being:  A conservative Republican woman who is superior to you in all areas political, moral, social and virtuous who is  going to kick your ass in the political arena.

Oh. Ok… I see where I went wrong… silly me.

Exactly how does that fit into the “plan” to protect the women in politics, business, and the up and coming women?


So, what about Mr. Obama? Well, I don’t believe she agreed with or disagreed with anything he or his administration was doing…. THAT part was as clear as a bell.

But she sure did have her views on what SHE would do….

For instance, Mrs. C was quick to note that unlike Obama who called the IRS investigation a “phony scandal…” she felt that, “Anytime the IRS is involved… it’s a real scandal.” (chuckle, chuckle)… But again when pressed about the missing emails – stated that she was sure the Obama administration was doing “everything they could…” But she doesn’t quite know of course… because she’s not there….

Why aren’t you there Mrs. C? … Oh that’s right – you were responsible for the blatant disregard for information that could have prevented the  murders of four (4) people in Benghazi… Oh, that’s right…

But… What’s the difference… or was it the head trauma… or was it that you were in recovery after being “dead broke….”

But if SHE was there…. Boy, that IRS investigation would continue and…

if SHE was there… “Let’s do it bi-partisan…”

If SHE was there… “As fair-minded as possible…”

If SHE was there… “Let’s try to find out what the facts are.”

That would be a great plan if it weren’t for the lies and blatant interference and corruption… like hiding emails and … facts!

But if SHE was there… she’d be raising hell and taking names….

Oh, but that’s right…. Hillary’s not on the Hill….


HEY GOP! Yeah, those of you in office you better wake up, pull your head out, and smell the smoking gun that’s reloading all over the news… yes, even Fox news! All these issues with the Obama administration and you sit back and… do…. ? Oh, wait… I remember: Bitch, gripe and complain… have hearings and investigations that leading to nowhere… there is no change, not even a HINT of a threat of impeachment proceedings, no saddle up your horses and ride down to Mexico to save a Marine, no plan of attack to free a Christian woman and her children from a country about to kill her if she does not denounce Christ (or is that the plan for here too?) let alone a Pastor who has rotted away longer than of them… Then there is… OH LET’S SEE: Government bail outs, excessive executive orders, Obama Care, IRS, the VA, immigration (by the way – Arizona’s Trent Franks, John McCain, Jeff Flake, David Schweikert – Really?!) the rotten economy, Benghazi, the desertion & swap (where is the court-martial on that loser?) – and you want us to re-elect you?

Yeah, well. Lets hope your future has a plan b.

Holly T. Ashley

(Picture credit: The Huffington Post)


4 comments on “Hillary to the rescue…? Sure looks like it…

  1. Holly T. Ashley
    June 19, 2014

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    June 19, 2014


  3. outstandingbachelor
    July 8, 2014

    I liked the way Michelle Bachmann articulated her message, as well as the courage she displayed during her presidential run.

    Hillary, in contrast, seems to routinely: blame others, and make childish arguments. It is as though she strings catchy sound bites together and expects to pass it off as a cogent policy.

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