Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

You know it’s bad when…

The Wall Street Journal and NBC Bury their own Obama fact-finding results:

In a poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC yesterday, (June 18) the mega-media Pro-Democrat outlet for the Obama Administration & Liberals alike had to come to grips with the truth…

Obama sucks… and it’s not just the GOP that think so…

So what did they do… nothing.

Actually, I am sure they buried their heads in their hands and prayed…

Yeah right.



Obama’s Job approval rating  has dropped without a parachute to the lowest ever reported  – 41%

Meaning that four out of ten NBC/Wall Street liberal Americans have pulled their heads out of the sand to say that Obama’s administration has gotten worse over the past year.

When asked if Obama is capable of leading the nation? 54 said NO.

So… why is he still there?

Rep. Lou Barletta blames Harry Reid… (click on the link to read the story of this coward).

I say, Get over Harry and do something for your constituents! Fight! You morons!

Holly T. Ashley

Photo Credit: NBC


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