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Oh did I type that outloud?

May all Your Cookies Rise.

December 9, 2015

“With the measure you use, it will be measured back to you,” (Luke 6:38b).

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, things were busy as usual. I was making all the good, yummy holiday food for our home as well as the treats to take to our family and friends.

I love to cook and I pride myself on the fact that I am quite good and the holiday’s are my time to shine!

But on this particular this occasion… humility came knocking on my oven door… and it wasn’t pretty.

A famous chocolate-chip cookie recipe that I could do in my sleep somehow went awry and when I pulled them from the oven they were nothing more than a brown blob with big black towers of goo.

As I thought about how to fix them in the midst of the myriad of multiple cooking projects going on in my kitchen, I glance at the clock, ran down the list of “things to make” in my head as well as the corresponding notebooks, electronic calendars, etc., only to see that I was out of time.

Although my flat cookies tasted good… who would know? No one would want to come close enough to pick one up and eat it… They looked as if someone already had – and threw them back up onto the pan!

After re-reading the recipe and realizing that I hadn’t missed any required ingredients, I went back through the processing of those ingredients in my head:

Had I over mixed the eggs? Did I not properly cream the butter and sugar?

I was stumped! Everything was in there – I simply couldn’t figure it out.

It wasn’t until I looked down into my sink to re-wash (for the 50th time) the measuring cups, so I could move on to the next recipe, that I realized I had used a ¼ measuring cup instead of the ½ cup measure to scoop out the flour.


So many things ran through my mind – “How could you…?” “What’s your hurry!” “These aren’t for your benefit!”

After reading today’s verse, I couldn’t help but think of this analogy as I wondered how many times I have made this same error in the lives of others.

Does my hurried interaction leave people feeling like my brown-blob cookies? As if I’ve regurgitated the “Holiday Message” so much so that I leave them feeling…. Well…. flat?

How can I expect them to “make cookies” (be disciples) when I hurriedly tell them the recipe (Gospel), but don’t give them the correct tools?

How can I assume that the quick text, email or Face Book emoticon will be enough “flour?”

Better yet, we assume that the annual Christmas card with the copied “form letter” of the past year’s achievements suffice for a long-overdue visit or a personal invitation to a home cooked meal.

When Jesus tells us that the same measure will be measured back to us I know, I personally cringe!

It’s a fact that most often in life’s kitchen, I come up more than ½ cup short.

Life is hectic! Especially the holiday season!

But the reality is I don’t take the time – or worse –  the time I do take is rushed – and in my busyness… I often leave others… well… flat.

I know I’m not alone. But somehow it is of little consolation.

Jesus doesn’t expect me to be like others – He commands me to be like Him.

As disciples of Christ, we are expected to lead others to Him, and we dole out the recipe.

In our hurriedness to make our point, do we miss-measure the ingredients? Are we giving them the right amount of flour to help them “rise?”

“With the measure you use, it will be measured back to you,” (Luke 6:38b).

I hope all of your recipes turn out great this season. I pray that you will take time to use the right utensils and that you measure correctly – Especially when it is to the benefit of others.

But most of all, I pray that nothing you feed your soul with will be flat, especially if you are using the ingredients that I have supplied.

  • Holly T. Ashley

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