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How Abusers Trick Survivors Into Denying Abuse | DomesticShelters

A recent study found abusers often play upon the emotions of their victims and are successful at convincing their victims to drop charges.In the referenced study, researchers listened to recorded jailhouse phone calls between 17 men charged with felony domestic violence and their female partners—all of whom decided to drop the charges. The men were being held in a Washington state detention facility and about three hours of conversation between each couple was studied.SIGN UP FOR EMAILSReceive new and helpful articles weekly. Sign up here. During these phone calls, the abusers minimized the abuse and emphasized feelings of depression and loneliness to their victims. In one instance, an abuser threatened suicide before the survivor promised to get him out of jail.

Source: How Abusers Trick Survivors Into Denying Abuse | DomesticShelters

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