Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

What is so special about her?

He had planned it all out – He wanted her to be just exactly right – so he stopped everything and carefully designed her. Beyond the chemical compositions, the personal DNA:  She was to be beautiful – He took His time and formed her. He counted the hair on her head, her fingers and toes.  Then He chose the color of her eyes. He gave her a personality with humor and designed the way her mouth would move as she laughed. He gave her a voice that he would learn to recognize as her heart and a body that he would always desire.DSC_1477

Then He chose a color for her skin and placed little freckles here and there to give her character and then chose a color for her hair. He declared her excellent and her worth far more precious than jewels. He gave her heart purpose that her husband could always trust. He designed her specifically to do her husband good and not harm all of her days.

woman-praying-silhoutteHe designed her to be strong and to work willingly and hard. He gave her a sound mind and a nurturing spirit. He gave her courage to pursue dreams and to make sure that her family would pursue theirs. He gave her a spirit of love, grace and mercy. Designed purposefully and lovingly with courage and dignity. Man’s perfect helper.

Then He presented her, as a finely crafted gift, not out of the dirt of the ground, but of the very flesh of humanity– the only creation ever presented by the direct hand of God to man.I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine... (Song of Solomon)

She is beyond special. She is woman.

Yes, she is fearfully and wonderfully made. She is woman. She completes man. She is his glory and crown. And together they will become one flesh.

This is an excerpt from Holly’s book, “Barefoot, Naked, in the Kitchen” (p. 19).


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