Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Preserving the Dignity of the Oval Office…

Well worth the read… and also a stark reminder to all of you “offended” Christians out there…

How many times did you vote for Clinton? You had your opportunity to put a Christian in the office: Rubio, Huckabee… but you didn’t rock the vote, so here we are… and you’re offended?


Thanks to my friend, “Insanity Bytes” for such an outstanding composite of our nation at hand.

Preserving the dignity of the oval office.

Preserving the dignity of the oval office. I just wanted to type those words because I found them to be so darkly humorous. N0t to be indelicate here, but I think that ship done sailed long ago, if it ever existed at all. Somewhere in the midst of John F Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, in the confusion of cigars and blue dresses, I got the distinct impression that the foibles of the rich and famous were well-known to us all.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the feigned outrage,the indignation, the shock and offense coming from people “who have never heard such crass and vulgar language in my entire life.” Seriously? Because I read your facebook feed everyday……


Read the entire article here: Source: Preserving the Dignity of the Oval Office…

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