Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

In Honor of Women Everywhere…

He wanted her to be just exactly right – for He said, “It is not good for man to be alone.” So, He stopped everything and carefully designed her. Beyond the genetic traits, the personal DNA:  She was to be beautiful – inside and out – He took His time and formed her; not from the dust of the ground, but bone of his bone, flesh of his flesh. She was to be special. She was to be the first of her kind.

He counted the hair on her head, her fingers and toes.  Then He chose the color of her eyes. He gave her, her own distinct personality and designed the way her mouth would move as she laughed. He gave her a voice that her husband would learn to recognize as her heart and a body that her husband would always desire.

Then He chose a distinct color for her skin and placed little freckles here and there to give her a character never to be duplicated again. Then He chose a unique color for every strand of hair on her head. He declared her excellent and her worth far above rubies. He gave her heart purpose that her husband could always trust. He designed her specifically to do her husband good and not harm all of her days.

He designed her to be strong and to work willingly and hard. He gave her a sound mind and a nurturing spirit. He gave her courage to pursue dreams and to make sure that her family would pursue theirs. He gave her a spirit of love, grace and mercy. Designed purposefully and lovingly with courage and dignity.

She was “man’s perfect helper.”

Then He placed His seal on her heart and banner over her head and presented her, as a finely crafted gift to behold, to honor and to be cherished – the image of God– the only creation ever presented by the direct hand of God to man.

Yes, she was fearfully and wonderfully made. She is woman. The glory of man.

Excerpt from R3: Redemption.Restoration.Recovery, By: Holly T. Ashley

#WomensDay2017 #InternationalWomansDay2017

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