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Oh did I type that outloud?

“Jesus, you can’t fix stupid?” | See, there’s this thing called biology…

Another winning reminder from “Insanity Bytes” 

Happy Monday!

Once again I’d like to pause and thank the Google for promptly thinking of me when someone types the word “stupid” or  “insane” in their search bar.A search engine term that recently came through the Google was, “Jesus you can’t fix stupid.”  I suppose it may have been an epithet or a last-ditch cry of desperation, perhaps one that takes our Lord’s name in vain, so I’ve switched it out a bit and fixed the punctuation. Now we have, “Jesus, you can’t fix stupid?”Oh, He can, He truly can! Fixing the stupid is His specialty. In fact, if it weren’t for Jesus Christ we’d have nothing but stupid, stumbling about the planet and muttering to itself. We ourselves can’t fix stupid, but Jesus Christ sure can. He does it everyday, transforming lives, bringing order to our chaos, redeeming even that which some may perceive as beyond all redemption.Ron White, the comedian, first coined the term, “you can’t fix stupid” in his humorous routines where he drunkenly laments the foolishness of man. It’s a term that always makes me laugh because long ago when I was a teen-ager I wrestled with that very question in terms of faith,  How could God be good? What kind of a God would drop me on my head and trap me on a planet full of stupid people? Is this some sort of penal colony?So what am I expected to do here, simply endure the company of stupid people for the next 50 years, people I can not even communicate with? These people, I tell you, they are mean, compulsive, unintelligent, unteachable, prone to destruction, unable to learn from their mistakes, envious, abusive, vengeful….You didn’t have to explain total depravity to me, I’d already seen ample evidence of it.God patiently listened to all my complaints, ever so gently out reasoning me each time. Once He actually scared the heck out of me because I was explaining to Him how He couldn’t possibly exist and He suddenly said, Then Who do you think you’re yelling at? He had me there.Everyone wrestles with doubt and frustration in life, not just stupid people. In fact, experience has taught me that “the stupid” affects intelligent people too, we just tend to do it a bit faster, more creatively, and with an artistic depth that releases the stupid on several different levels all at once. It’s more like simply dropping a larger boulder on your own toe rather than just a hefty rock. The result is pretty much the same, so it’s not the sort of thing one likes to brag about.Take heart, my Google-friend. Jesus Christ really CAN fix stupid.

Source: “Jesus, you can’t fix stupid?” | See, there’s this thing called biology…

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