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Oh did I type that outloud?

Wolves in Shepherds Clothing: Justice for Lynn Messer and Victims of Abuse everywhere.

In case you missed it – I wanted to re-post this. Especially since the “memorial” is being held this Sunday – and event that cannot go on without protest!

Let me catch you up… In July of 2014, the wife of a Missouri state lobbyist for Christian, Biblical, homeschooling, pro-life, and family values – disappeared. Kerry Messer stated that he woke up at 4:00 am from the noisy storm, realizing that his wife was not in bed. According Mr. Messer, Lynn simply walked away from her bed in the middle of the night, in the midst of a raging storm… He would also like us to believe that this gun owning, suicidal woman – left her gun behind. According to Messer, she did not take her phone or her wedding ring or any personal items for that matter. In addition, Mr. Messer would like for the church to believe that Mrs. Messer simply decided to leave the house, the children, her Vacation Bible School commitment, and her grandchildren behind. (Read more here)

In addition to this bizarre line of distorted thinking by Kerry Messer – There was also the “friend,” Ms. Spring Thomas, who aided in the search effort – and has since become the girlfriend of Messer.

Unfortunately, the church has complied with Kerry Messer’s wishes. Not just the local congregation of First Baptist Church Festus, Chrystal City ,  but also he is still in the business of lobbying on behalf of Chrisitan issues. The pastor and members of First Baptist Church Festus have welcomed Kerry Messer, adulteress and suspected murder to continue in their fellowship – but they have honored him with distinction – as being the victim of circumstances and consequently exalted the alleged murder, and confirmed adulterous with a public memorial service scheduled for August 20, 2017 – A service that neither of the sons, nor Lynn Messer’s sisters or mother have been invited to…

Whereby I hope every single Christian in the area will show up and protest such a crude and disgraceful macabre. (If you can’t make it, you can call, email and write – see the bottom of the page).

Source: Wolves in Shepherds Clothing: Justice for Lynn Messer and Victims of Abuse everywhere.

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