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Again I ask… Where’s the church?

In July of 2014, the wife of a Missouri state lobbyist for Christian, Biblical, homeschooling, pro-life, and family values – disappeared. Kerry Messer stated that he woke up at 4:00 am from the noisy storm, realizing that his wife was not in bed. According Mr. Messer, Lynn simply walked away from her bed in the middle of the night, in the midst of a raging storm… She did not take her phone or her wedding ring or any personal items for that matter. In addition, Mr. Messer would like for the church to believe that Mrs. Messer simply decided to leave the house, the children, her Vacation Bible School commitment, and her grandchildren behind.

Prior to the police search and rescue attempt – Mr. Messer had the cattle moved across the property – and he mowed his grass… removing any chance of trace evidence, let alone scent for the dogs to follow.

But, after THREE YEARS, Lynn Messer’s body was found on the property – incidentally, right where police and rescue workers had been – three years earlier – wearing their GPS tracking suits.

Mr. Messer has tampered with evidence, lied to the family and friends of Mrs. Messer, lied to police on multiple occasions. Mr. Messer has failed to pass a polygraph test- twice. Mr. Messer began dating another woman 8 weeks after his wife’s “disappearance.” Mr. Messer is still under investigation by police – he has not been cleared to the date of this publication.

But the most disgusting thing about this case was that the two sons of Mr. and Mrs. Messer went before the church asking for help – and to this day, there has been no disciplinary action taken whatsoever. This a man who is representing “The Church” at the highest level! Yet, no disciplinary action – no public statement – by the church, has been made.

Although it is true that the police have not yet charged or convicted Mr. Messer, it does not negate the duties of the church to rise up and do their covenantal duty to the Lord.

But the two sons’ say it so much better:

Abram Joseph Messer (Son of victim)

The word of God talks extensively about forensics over and over again. We are told things like love covers a multitude of sins. When at all possible live at peace with all men. There is a great balance between these commands and the biblical commands to publicly call out sin; to publicly appeal to the unrepentant heart. We are commanded to show no partiality in the calling out of sin especially sin that exists in the church or a Christian brother…. or father. We are responsible before God to bring a fallen brother back to the Lord. Before any information became public the family attempted to follow the biblical outline addressing the issues in private and never spoke a word publicly until after the church refused to follow the biblical guidelines. We must remember the purpose of all of this is not to attack, it is not hatred, it is not anger, it is not lashing out, but it is tearful obedience to the commands of God. We don’t get to pick and choose what parts of the Word we feel like being obedient to. God’s Word commands us to publicly call out the unrepentant heart. We all have a responsibility before God to stand for what is right; no matter how hard it is. We will all answer to the Great Judge and give an account for every word and deed. The truth is not contingent upon who knows it or who believes it. The truth does not change because it is a hard pill to swallow.  The truth doesn’t change because we don’t like it. It doesn’t change because it is uncomfortable; in fact, the word of God tells us that the truth is not easy. It tells us rather that people will hate us for speaking it.  It tells us we must be willing to give everything for the cause of Christ… (Bronaugh, R., (November 12, 2016). “Suspicions run high within the Messer family. Retrieved from http://dailyjournalonline.com/suspicions-run-high-within-the-messer-family/article_2c82dce2-f2f0-5c94-8da8-52e2c6edb87e.html)

Aarron Joseph Messer (Son of victim)

My dad will not confess in private or in public his wrongs albeit in private conversation with his sons he has attempted to justify his lies as being well intention-ed. He wields scripture as a bludgeon to condemn his accusers while never calculating his own sin. If there has ever been a greater example of having a log in one’s own eye than my father at this moment I know not of it.

We have confronted him privately, we have taken witnesses with us and challenged him and asked for his repentance, wise men have expressed their reservations, frustrations and admonitions with him privately. We have attempted to bring him before his church for public discipline as scripture admonishes and have been unsuccessful in having him held accountable by his church as his pastor has refused to do so. (Messer, November 23, 2016 Retrieved from https://www.facebook.com/notes/aarron-joseph-messer/whos-accusing-who/10154805765714869)

For those who are further questioning whether or not to wait on the “proper authorities” before invoking church discipline… I hear O.J. Simpson is looking for new golf partners on his ranch in Florida.

Those who retain Kerry Messer:

Families for Home Education: Executive Directors: Al and Sheryl Schmidt

P.O. Box 879
Marshfield, MO 65706 

Phone: 877-696-6343 

Email: 1983fhemo@gmail.com

Mr. Schmidt stated in an interview with Give me Chocolate, blogger, “Carolyn,” who has followed and reported the events of this case thoroughly, “FHE is not going to base their decisions on opinions being played out on internet, TV and in the newspapers. They have instead chosen to weigh the character of a man they have known for 25 years and who has done an outstanding job representing and protecting homeschoolers and family values.” Mr. Schmidt went on to inform Ms. Carolyn that “We are all sinners… and we need to forgive. We must remember balance and forgiveness”

Other Organizations that retain Kerry Messer’s Services: Please call them or write to them – demanding they take public action for such a public sin.

P.O. BOX 241

310 S. PEORIA ST., S-500


2614 NE 56TH TER.
GLADSTONE MO 64119-2311
P.O. BOX 389

(573) 635-7931

Current and updated information available at: “Who retains Kerry Messer? Here’s the list.” (2016). Retrieved from https://chocolateorelse.wordpress.com/2017/04/06/who-retains-kerry-messer-heres-the-list.

Holly T. Ashley – Founder, R3 (Redemption. Restoration. Recovery). Domestic Violence Services and Training: http://www.Redemption3.com

Photo Credit: Matt Chase


8 comments on “Again I ask… Where’s the church?

  1. insanitybytes22
    July 24, 2017

    Truly tragic, Holly. Those poor sons.

  2. #justiceforLynn
    July 25, 2017

    Outstanding summary of this situation! It is truly heartbreaking that the collective church – and the church of the Messer family – has NOT been The Church to Lynn’s sons and their families. It is hard to imagine how no action has been taken by law enforcement at this time. This is an interesting article on the timeline of Kerry’s involvement with a girlfriend: https://chocolateorelse.wordpress.com/2016/11/23/who-is-spring-thomas-by-aarron-messer/
    Holly mentioned 8 weeks after Lynn’s disappearance / death, but based on this article by Aarron Messer, it could have been much earlier than this.

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  4. Dena
    July 25, 2017

    I don’t get the small town religious bs. If this happened in my hometown of Seattle Kerry would already be ready to go to trial. Shame on these “religious” organizations. I will call and write! Justice for Lynn!!

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  6. Sherry
    August 13, 2017

    We will all one day give an account of our lives when we stand before God. Kerry might be fooling some people but eventually the truth will come out.

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