Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

Laws don’t protect. They simply reveal.

Sexual assault, exploitation, corruption, domestic violence, murder, assault, you name it. It’s all sinful behavior and it has all be condemned by the government legislators to protect the public from harm.

But what good has it done?

The history of the world is fraught with anger, hurt, pain, and injustice none-the-less. And in an effort to appease these, the people of the church have tried to appease the people by minimizing the wrath of God by creating a new god – the god of love.

No wrath, free grace for all, no condemnation, just tolerance.

But what good has it done?

When we seek to please people by diminishing the Gospel of Christ, we diminish the consequences of sin by allowing ungodly behavior to go unpunished and in turn, the righteous get punished with greater influences of politicians seeking re-election, activist’s groups pushing their unholy agenda’s, calling out the Gospel of Christ as hate speech, and erasing all personal responsibilities.

Jeremiah spoke of the demise of unholy nations who went against God’s holiness and His demands of unwavering allegiance to Him and His precepts.

He promised them that yes, He would reign. Yes, He would issue a new covenant. But He also told them that they would not, ever, go unpunished for their sin against Him:

“For I am with you, to save you, declares the Lord… [but] I will discipline you in just measure, and I will by no means leave you unpunished” (Jer. 30:11).

He was talking to His chosen people.

Much like He has spoken to us today.

Vacating the Gospel of Christ by denying or minimizing the wrath of a holy God as an attribute will result in leading people astray, resulting in an unholy nation – that God will punish.

There will be no end of broken laws, evil people, greed, or lust. We can continue to make new laws – but until the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached to this nation- nothing can or will change the hearts of mankind.

The heart is where it all starts.

Until the order of God is restored, there will be chaos. Men will act like women and women will try to be more like men. Children will be neglected, abandoned, and abused; Sexual immorality will run rampant in the name of “freedom,” and the government will constrict the church and oppress its people.

The ultimate form of slavery.

Until the church realize that they are the keeper of the sheep, the wolves will reign supreme and their flock will be at the wolf’s mercy.

Biblical manhood – as leaders of the family must be restored so that the world will see what respect, honor, dignity, self-control, and righteousness looks like.

Biblical womanhood- as managers of their homes, helpers to their husbands, nurturers to their children, prevail as the vision of virtue, grace, dignity, and strength must conquer the liberal feminist movement.

These two created beings must not waiver or settle for less than God’s appointed and designed model for relationship that they may teach their children in the way they should go, that they will grow up to be the model of discipline, good works, honor, and obedience.

But until that is done. We will face the consequences of the sin that is in us – God will not compete with evil – as a matter of fact, He promises to give evil people their heart’s desire and turn them over to their evil ways. He hates it and He hates those who do it.

Until we understand that we too, are to hate evil and evil people – we too, will fall into the pit that Satan has dug for us and name it “blind faith,” when all it is, is foolish disobedience.

God has shaken the tree – and there is not much fruit left. Rotten apples lay on the ground, dead, diseased, and unfit for any good work – yet, we continue to pick them up and put them in the basket saying they are “good enough.”

The Gospel map has been provided: We are to preach the Word. Jesus says, “If my sheep hear my voice, they will follow me.” If they don’t follow, we have been instructed to not argue with the fool, but to take our peace with us and shake the dust from our sandals and move on.

It’s time to move on.

It’s time to call evil what it is – evil.

It’s time to denounce sin for what it is – sin.

It’s time to tell people about the consequences of sin – punishment and without repentance, Hell.

It’s time to stand up and be the men and women God has called us to be and warn this nation of the coming doom that is this world, and the continuation of God’s wrath unless we repent.

“Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I have not come to bring peace – but, a sword.” (Matt. 10:34).

The time for salvation is now.

Preach – Repent – Baptize – Disciple – Repeat – and purge those who retreat from your midst.

And just keep in mind, Peter hung out with Jesus and was still armed. Evil people tend to want to kill people who offend them.

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