Holly T. Ashley

Oh did I type that outloud?

If you think there’s a “cure,” then you don’t know COVID.

COVID – or Corona viruses have been around for centuries. These family of viruses contain strains known as Zoonotic viruses, meaning that they are usually found in animals (like bats), have been transmitted to humans (especially when studied in labs, particularly Chinese labs) via airborn droplets of fluid.

By the way, if you wash your hands but are negligent in the process of drying them – you are dripping little droplets of potentially deadly virus particles – Just a note for all of you wearing masks, your hands are probably more culpable then your rancid, unwashed, constantly touched, grimy mask, that ironically, you touch with your dripping, hands (that have touched every piece of fruit and produce in Walmart).

Although this little bugger of a family has been around for centuries, the first identified strain in the 21st Century, was SARS (thank you, Guangdong province of China) in 2002. It was later found that SARS was caused by SARS-CoV (Identified by WHO in 2003).

Although patients with SARS (not the entire 29 countries affected) were effectively quarantined (not shipped back to nursing homes), and travel restrictions were implemented (travel restrictions.. hmm, go figure), the virus was contained BUT an outbreak occurred again …

Wait for it…

In the Chinese laboratories of Beijing and Anhui China (WHO, update, 2004).

In a research study by Tylor, et al (2009), it was stated that COVID was a safety concern, but not because of human to human transmission – not because people did not wear a mask – but because of the irresponsibility of LABS.

I just love it when the whole country suffers because of the ineptness of others.

– SARS actually stands for “severe acute respiratory syndrome.” Another strain, “MERS” is the acronym for “Middle East respiratory syndrome.” SARS, although first identified in the 20th century, the SARS-CoV2 strain was first identified when a patient presented with an atypical form of pneumonia. Although this family of viruses present a low mortality rate in over 90% of the population, the virus does indeed pose a grave danger to the elderly, and those with (completely preventable/reversable with exercise): chronic diseases, respiratory issues, and low immune systems.

The good news for the 90% is that Covid triggers an immune response – both humoral and cellular.

Now hang on – I’m going into research mode…

Humoral immunity produces an antibody-mediated response to fight the infection and cellular immunity produces (obviously) a cell-mediated immune response. The action against the pathogen in the humoral immunity destroys the extracellular pathogens resulting in the formation of antibodies by the plasma cells and has rapid efficiency of immune response (HENCE, all the discussion on plasma recently). Whereas cellular immunity destroys the intracellular pathogens resulting in the formation of cytokines by the T-cell, but occurs at a comparatively slower rate. Cytokines are molecules that are responsible for the cell – to – cell communication and are responsible for kicking their little microscopic butts in gear to fight infection, inflammation – and any other trauma.

A vast amount of studies have concluded that those of us who get regular workouts also benefit. But they also noted that if you get high-intensity exercise – (like…. oh, I don’t know… an ATHLETE), you are building up circulating regulatory T-cells, and building the anti-inflammatory cytokines that fight this virus –

But heaven help, let’s not let our kids participate in sports – that sedentary lifestyle is doing wonders – but you’ll have to stay tuned on more about that later…

Having these responses to the virus is what helps the memory T-cells fight off the next mutation of the virus. Additionally, researchers found that these antibodies remain at high levels – even after 180 days!

Unless, of course, you don’t engage your (healthy) immune system – (via exposure to the bug), and are constantly using disinfectant, disinfecting wipes, and a face mask…

And like Dr. Claudio Tuda of the Mount Sinai Medical Center noted, this strain of Corona is new – “it mutates every year” (BPR, 2020).

So don’t count on a vaccine that will “end this” anytime soon –

It’s going to take (real, truthful) education on how virus’ (actually) work and are transmitted (rather than those out to score a new $$$ patent on a line of drugs/therapeutics/and ‘vaccines’), in order for us to protect those who NEED protecting, while the other 90% of us to go on with our life.

And for heaven’s sake, dry your hands and go get some exercise!

Holly T. Ashley is not a medical doctor. She is a psychological researcher/write, speaker, published author, and Executive Director of Cross Strength Ministries.


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